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Official Statement: June 1st, 2021

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on: June 01, 2021, 03:29:21 pm

Official Statement: June 1st, 2021

We are now prepared to address the situation which occurred on May 29th. A series of different factors, including miscommunication, misunderstanding, and structural issues are all to blame.


The Prime Minister of the Union, at 10:31 AM EST, began an operation to refound The Socialist Syndicalist Union, henceforth referred to as TSSU. They knew of a native operation to refound, but did not make this fact clear to anyone else involved in the mission. Thus, when the Founder came online at 10:51 AM, they approved of the operation and it went forward. We gained the region at the minor update and only then were we informed that TSSU had been trying to refound the region themselves. A member of the operation created a puppet, which they moved to TSSU. They made a post, which was soon deleted, but Krovx saw it before that and figured out that we were behind the refounding.

Having realized this, Krovx and another member of TSSU came into our Discord server with various questions about the operation. At 12:35 PM, the Prime Minister proposed offering a referendum on accession to the Union. The Founder had to leave around then, so the operation remained in limbo until they came back. At 1:43 PM, when the Founder returned, the Prime Minister again brought up this suggestion of a referendum. At first, the Founder opposed this idea, saying they’d vote against it, but eventually decided to go forward with it. The Prime Minister then released a statement announcing the operation and the Founder made the proposal directly to TSSU.

At 2:06 PM, Krovx, on behalf of TSSU (as Acting Syndicate Overseer) agreed to a referendum. Two minutes later, he changed this agreement to a conditional one – he would only agree if the people of TSSU were not opposed. We agreed to this condition and at 2:16 PM, the Founder went offline again. After this, a great deal of chaos would ensue.

Krovx went to the NSL (NS Leaders’ Server) and explained to a number of people what had happened. Many of them saw our actions as wrong and rapidly began to make conclusions about the whole series of events. This would later lead to embassy closures, condemnations, and even an attempt at a liberation.

At 5:13 PM, the Founder once again came online. Over DMs, the Prime Minister told the Founder about his stress and anxiety, which had come as a result of the harsh accusations made by NSL and the Founder immediately went into the server and began pointing fingers at people because his Prime Minister had been hurt and he wanted to get back at those responsible. Unfortunately, at this time, the Founder did not have all the facts, having only just come online and not read the conversation above, and it turned out his accusations were baseless. That being said, the Prime Minister does attribute what happened to him to his interactions on NSL, but not to anyone specifically and not due to personal attacks. The Founder apologized for making these accusations and the conversation ended. Shortly after, we handed TSSU to the Acting Syndicate Overseer.

The following day, attempts were made at releasing an official statement. Unfortunately, the people who had knowledge of the situation were for the most part busy and little progress was made. Later that day, the Founder went into the server, hoping to make some friendly conversation with other leaders to try and make up for what had happened the previous day. This worked for a while, but then he made a very poorly worded joke involving guns that some perceived as threatening. He has reiterated that he did not intend it as such, but did apologize for it and understands why it was perceived that way. In a separate conversation, he used a figure of speech involving hyperbole in an attempt to compliment someone on their profile picture, but this backfired and the person (and a number of others) took offense. Hyperboles are in common usage in Force, so the Founder did not think twice, but going forward, we will be more careful to not offend. The Founder apologized for this and has reiterated that his statement was neither meant to cause offense, nor did he have any reason to believe it would.

The following day, four different regions began closing embassies with the Union and four explanations were sought out. As of yet, only two regions have explained their embassy closure.

Official Position

In regards to these series of events, our position is as such:

We apologize for our failure to inform TSSU that we were attempting to refound the region. The Prime Minister, in his personal capacity, apologizes to TSSU and to the other members of the operation for failing to notify them of the native refounding attempt. We apologize for the ill-advised proposal for a referendum, which TSSU felt they had no choice but to accept, though it was just a proposal. We never intended to force them to accept it, but we understand that they got the impression that they had no other choice. Finally, we apologize for our failure to communicate or provide a unified narrative after these events occurred. This caused a great deal of confusion and anger, which has resulted in embassy closures and condemnations.

The refounding was attempted by us because TSSU had just been password-locked, with their Founder banning all natives. Thus, the region was set to be deleted and we wanted to refound it before, as we worried, a rogue region or individual might seek to do so. This does not justify the Prime Minister’s failure to notify the rest of the mission members of the native refounding attempt, nor does it justify our failure to communicate our own attempt to what remained of TSSU’s government.

Various officials have called our referendum proposal “not serious”, but neither the Founder nor TSSU knew or believed that this was the case. It was a poor decision to propose such a thing, especially under those circumstances, and we apologize profusely for having done so.

Going forward, we are looking to change much of how our command structure works. For one, the Union Armed Forces, which were charged with carrying out this operation at a time where they only existed legally and were not yet organized, will be properly organized, with a command structure put into place. This will prevent operations like this from happening in future without authorization from the top. It will also ensure operations of this type are well planned out, including plans for after their execution, which will prevent things like referendum proposals from being made. In addition, we will ensure any future attempts at refounding require communication with native leadership, to ensure we do not intercept a native refounding attempt.

The other area in need of changes is our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From now on, when there is any sort of diplomatic situation or crisis, Cabinet officials and diplomats shall not be allowed to make statements without the authorization of the Ministry. The Ministry shall be required to provide them with talking points, explaining basic details of the situation and our position on them, and for bigger situations (or crises), an official statement. This will ensure unity in message and prevent other regions from misunderstanding either our position or what happened.

We acknowledge, as we do above, that we made many mistakes. These mistakes were in some cases errors of judgement and in others, merely a matter of poor communication. Regardless, they have resulted in consequences of a magnitude we have never seen before. In addition to the embassy closures, there have been calls for military intervention against the Union, something we strongly condemn because it is aggressive, unwarranted, and would do nothing but make this entire situation worse. We echo the call from TSSU’s Acting Syndicate Overseer to cancel the embassy closures which are currently underway. These closures, if they go through, will only force us further from the mainstream of the international community and make us more likely to align ourselves with those which many of you are hostile towards. Regardless of what happens, we are looking to reform ourselves because we do not want to end up in a situation like this again. We wish TSSU all the best in their efforts to rebuild and as stated by Krovx, are willing to offer whatever aid or support they need. We understand that it is our job to regain the trust of the international community and that is an effort which begins right now.