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on: June 21, 2021, 07:06:08 pm
As the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Force, under the Founder Renegalle and the Prime Minister Azerubia, i state the names of all our Ambassadors and their Discord nicks, attesting that they are legitimate representatives of the Union of Force in your countries.

-Renegalle (Rene#2784)
-Parmonte (Chapadão de Terno#9588)
-Battadia (Battadia#8545)
-Tigslarlowducken (MrLanguid#9498)
-Salibaic (Arctus#4657)

This is a official statement from Force Foreign Affairs Ministry, it may be edited in future by the MoFA for updates.

Federal Republic of Parmonte,
Force Ministry of the Foreing Affairs.
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