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[PROPOSAL] Council Law X: Commendation Act

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on: August 17, 2021, 07:49:42 pm
Council Law X: Commendation Act
Purpose: To bestow an official commendation from the Citizen's Council to a citizen of the Alliance in recognition to their esteemed work and constant dedication to the region.
Author: Unified Columbia

Award Nomination Procedure:
1. Candidate for a nomination may be given to the Citizen's Council either by a Councilperson or by the Archon.
2. Whomever is presiding over the meeting of the Citizen's Council must call a forty-eight (48) hour debate session regarding,
2.1. The character of the nominee, in and outside the region,
2.2. The contributions of the nominee, in the betterment and development of the region,
2.3. The continued activity of the nominee, in regards to displaying peak commitment and dedication to the continuation of the region;

Award Voting Procedure:
1. To receive a commendation from the Citizen's Council, and in the capacity of this bill the must,
1.1 Receive an 80% in-favor vote for commendation,
1.2 Obtain approval from the current Archon in commendation,
2. After both requirements have been meet, the nominee has received the most difficult to obtain certificate of recognition in the Alliance. A properly filled in certificate (blank one attached to the bill) shall be awarded to the candidate upon their commendation.

Nominee Restrictions:
1. A nominee for commendation can not,
1.1 Be acting in the duties of Archon,
1.2 Have recently joined the region,
1.3 Be in poor standing with the region,
2. A nominee for commendation must,
2.1 Have held and shown outstanding leadership and work in any office outlined and guaranteed by the Constitution,
2.2 Be or been a former member of the Citizen's Council
2.3 Has been a long-term member of the region;
Unified Columbia, Citizen's Alliance of Democracy

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Reply #1 on: September 17, 2021, 11:46:47 am
Whilst I had forgotten to note it here, this Act did pass unanimously through the Council, and as such is now law!