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House Bill 63: The Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) (Revised IV)

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House Bill 63: The Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) (Revised IV)

Author(s): Originally by Sir Salibaic and Renegalle; Revised by Tigslarlowducken and Sir Salibaic

Purpose: In order to provide the public with the right to request access to records from any governmental authority and to require those authorities to disclose any information requested under the FoIA, within reason.

Article 1: Government Authorities

1. A Government Authority shall be defined under this act as: “Any authority which has a legal mandate to govern or administrate an aspect of public life within the Union of Force.”

2. Government Authorities included in this act.

2.1. Any Federal Ministry or Executive Committee.
2.2. The House of Representatives of the Union of Force.
2.3. The High Court of the Union of Force.
2.4. The High Commission.
2.5. Any Territorial Authority.
2.6. Any Federal Governmental Programs.
2.7. Any Territorial Governmental Programs.
2.8. Any other Government Authority not mentioned herein with the exclusion of the Union Federal Cabinet of Force

Article 2: Right to a Request for Information

1. All Union citizens have the right to request information from any Government Authority as listed in this act.

Article 3: FoIA Request Process

1. In order to request access to information under FoIA, a citizen shall file a FoIA Request to the High Court.
1.1. A request must be made using the following format:

Name: [Name of the Nation Requesting]
Contact Information: [Method of contact, such as Discord tag or nation link]
Request: [A detailed description of the information requested - for example, an individual might request all information on a given subject, a summary thereof, or a specific document held by a Government Authority.]

2. After a FoIA Request has been made, the High Court shall have up to 5 days to determine whether or not the information requested is too sensitive to release.
2.1. If the request is approved, the High Court shall notify the Government Authority/Authorities affected by the FoIA request, at which point they will have 48 hours to release the relevant information to the High Court, which will deliver the document to the public. The High Court may choose to redact sensitive information, giving a detailed explanation for why each passage was redacted and clearly marking where information has been redacted. Government Authorities may request that the High Court redact certain sections, but may not withhold information from the Court under penalty of perjury.
2.2. If the request is denied, the relevant Government Authority must give a detailed explanation as to why. Personal information shall not require an in-depth explanation.

3. In the event that a request is denied as detailed in §3.2:2.1, an appeal may be made.
3.1. The appeal shall go before an appellate tribunal comprised of the Founder, the Chief Justice, and one other High Court Justice of the Founder’s choosing.
3.2. The requested information shall be presented to the tribunal as well as the reason(s) for the denial. The tribunal will then deliberate and issue a decision as to whether the information should be made public.
3.3. If the appeal succeeds, then the information requested shall be issued.
3.4. If the appeal fails, then requests for the same information may not be made for two weeks.

Article 4: Government Logs and Updates

1. All ministers, as defined in the Constitution, shall be mandated to publish a public update on their fulfilment of duties every month.
1.1. The update must contain: what has been completed, what is currently being worked on, what remains to be done, and a summary.
1.2. Failure to perform these duties within 1 week of month passing shall be considered nonfeasance.

Article 5: FoIA Request Logs

1. The Minister of Internal Affairs must keep a record of all FoIA Requests in a publicly accessible location.

Article 6: Repeal
1. House Bill 57 is repealed by this Act.
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I sign this bill into law.

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I assign this act to be House Bill 63
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