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House Bill X: The State Religion Act

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on: October 02, 2021, 03:28:28 pm
House Bill X: The State Religion Act

Purpose: To officially declare Hootism as the formal religion of the Union.

Author(s): Sir Salibaic and Renegalle.

Article A: Recognition of the Church’s Establishment

1. Hootism, founded on the twenty-third of September, in the year of Our Most Holy Founder, two-thousand and nineteen, is recognized by this esteemed chamber as the official state religion of the Union of Force.
2. Henceforth, the body responsible for the governance of this religion shall be referred to as “the Church”.
3. No other religion may be recognised as an official state religion of the Union, its states, or territories.
4. All citizens shall be guaranteed the right to practice a religion, or none at all, without favour or interference.

Article B: Church Leadership

1. The spiritual leader of the Church shall be the Founder/Emperor of the Union of Force, henceforth referred to as the “Primary Hoot”.
1.1. The Primary Hoot shall have the following powers:
1.1.1. To propose changes to church scripture or other policies to the Congregation of Hoots;
1.1.2. To appoint church bishops for the dioceses of the capital, states, and territories of the Union of Force, as well as any foreign regions that adopt Hootism;
1.1.3. To excommunicate members of the Church.

2. The administrator of the Church shall be the “Lord Protector of the Owl”, henceforth referred to as the “Lord Protector”, and shall be anointed by the Primary Hoot. They shall serve for life or until abdication.
2.1. The Lord Protector shall have the following powers:
2.1.1. To be the presiding officer of the Congregation of Hoots and the Hoot Congress;
2.1.2. To carry out and enforce church scripture and other policies;
2.1.3. To oversee Hoot Tribunals;
2.1.4. To oversee the creation of new dioceses and kirks and report their creation to the Primary Hoot.

Article C: Governance of the Church

1. The Church shall be composed of two governing bodies: the “Congregation of Hoots”, henceforth referred to as “the Congregation”, and the “Hoot Congress”, henceforth referred to as the “Congress”.

2. The Congregation shall be composed of all recognised members of the Church with recognition only being conferred upon an individual by the Primary Hoot or the Lord Protector.
2.1. The Congregation shall have the power to vote on adopting new church polity and policy that is proposed by the Primary Hoot.
2.2. The Congregation shall be overseen by the Lord Protector who shall act as its presiding officer.

3. The Congress shall be composed of the Lord Protector and Primary Hoot as well as all appointed bishops.
3.1. The Congress shall have the power to advise the Lord Protector and the Primary Hoot on matters relating to church policy or appointment of Bishops.
3.2. Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the Church; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the Church.

4. Bishops shall be tasked with supervising their diocese, leading prayer sessions, and encouraging membership of the church.

Article D: Hoot Tribunals

1. Hoot Tribunals shall be official judicial bodies formed by the Church to oversee trials, should a defendant plead guilty.
2. Tribunal shall consist of the Lord Protector and two members of the Congregation appointed by the Primary Hoot. Its members shall collectively be referred to as Deemsters.
3. Any member of the Church may bring a case before the Tribunal, to accuse members of the Congregation of blasphemy or other violations of righteous conduct under the Scripture.

4. If a case is submitted, the offender must enter a plea of guilt, innocence, or no contest within a week. If they fail to do so, they shall be presumed in abeyance until they enter a plea.

4.1. A plea of guilt will skip a trial and move directly to sentencing.
4.2. A plea of innocence shall move forward with a formal tribunal.
4.3. A plea of no contest shall move before the justices for sentencing.

5. If a trial is to be held, it shall proceed as follows:

5.1. A case shall begin with formal arguments by each side, with the Lord Protector presiding. Each side may choose to summon witnesses or present evidence. If a witness, who is a member of the Congregation, fails to show within one week, their membership may be suspended, at the discretion of the Lord Protector.

5.2. Each side shall then have the chance to rebut the other’s arguments, and this may continue until one side wishes to proceed to concluding statements. After these statements are made, the trial shall proceed to determinations of guilt, and, should the defendant be found guilty by the Tribunal, sentencing.

6. If a defendant is guilty, the Primary Hoot shall be tasked with determining a suitable punishment. The following punishments are permitted:
6.1. Temporary suspension of membership or certain privileges within the Church, for as long as the Primary Hoot believes just.
6.2. Permanent removal of certain privileges within the Church.
6.3. Excommunication from the Church, entailing permanent or indefinite banishment, removing all rights and privileges thereof.
6.4. Forgiveness, following confession of one’s sins and a formal apology to the Primary Hoot.

Article E: Church Ceremonies

1. When joining the Church, each new member must recite an oath of praise of the following: “I [name], swear eternal fealty to His Most Holy Hoot, Primary Hoot of the Church of Hootism, and the Owl of Final Reckoning.”

2. The twenty-third of September, in the year of Our Most Holy Founder, two-thousand and nineteen shall be declared Hoot Day, both within the Church and throughout the Union.

3. The Primary Hoot may declare any other day a Church Holiday, and it shall hold legal effect as a holiday throughout the Union at large.
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Reply #1 on: October 09, 2021, 10:39:07 am
This act has failed pass in the House of Representatives with the voting records being as follows:
Empire of Elysium [F]
Salibaic [F]
Sidervida [F]

Azerubia [F]
Caduceo [ I ]
New Waltonburg [F]
Caribou Island [UPP]
West Kronisia [UPP]

Tigslarlowducken [ I ]