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Resignation As President Of the Region of Golden Black Nations

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To The Citizens Of the Region of Golden Black Nations

I have served now over 3 Terms as President, I've seen our population reach record highs twice. I've seen several Ministers of Roleplay, and Activities, I've served as House Rep for RGBN multiple ties, been Speaker of the Regional Assembly for a time, and served as Viceroy before the abolishment of the position. I love the Union, but I love RGBN more, thus this is quite hard for me to say, but I am resigning as President of RGBN.  I could not have done what I have done as President alone however, thus I give my thanks to those who helped me get here;

Plaugetopia, ever loyal listener and my long time Vice President. You served as Vice President not just for me, but my predecessor, Suter. You have always been quite stranger, but your odd nature was always welcomed.

Renegalle, we did not always see eye to eye, and don't see eye to eye now in fact, but you have been a constant, always maintaining a presence.

Suter, the unofficial President Emeritus himself and a disputably God. You may not be a Goldenfolk by origin, but you are one by choice, and for that you will never be forgotten, unlike myself most likely.

Katanunkerver, RMB mod and enforcer of order. You helped keep the Roleplay from getting out of hand, something that was most certainly not an easy task.

But those are the ones that are simply still around, for I will never forgot those that are no longer here,

Connotar, he left, and never said why.
Kapfenfeld, he could not handle our chaos.
Ushornaia, a great person we mustn't forget, they helped maintain the map after Kapfenfeld's departure.

I am thankfully for my terms as President, thank you for having letting me served as it.

- Former President of the Region of Golden Black Nations, Krovx Belgium