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[International Confederation of Economics and Defense. (I.C.E.D.)
Opening Statement:
The Parties will contribute toward the further development of peaceful and friendly international relations by strengthening their free institutions, by bringing about a better understanding of the principles upon which these institutions are founded, and by promoting conditions of stability and well-being. They will seek to eliminate conflict in their international economic policies and will encourage economic collaboration between any or all of them.
 1. For a nation to join they must apply and meet the following requirements.
    A) Have a MP (Military Power) of at least 15
    B) Have a Gdp of 200 billion at least.
 2. If a nation joins but later no longer meets these requirements they can still stay in.
 3. Once they apply if the meet every requirements a vote is taken to allow them in if 2/3s of voters agree they are allowed in
 4. Once they join they must follow Treaty rules.
 1. All nation who sign will have free trade. Anything stopping free trade must be abolished.
 2. All nations who sign are allowed to use each other’s ports for trade and Shipping.
 3. All rights to patent, trademarks and copyright shall be respected by other signers.
 1. If one signer is attacked it shall be treated as a attack on all and all with retaliate against the attacker.
 2. If a signing nation (nation A for the example) attacks another signing nation (Nation B for the example), then Nation B as the right to protect itself from Nation A and other nations in the alliance are to defend Nation B.
 3. A act of war will be treated as war.
 4. Nations can choose not to defend others (Passive Nations as they will be called) but other nations in the pact don’t have to defend them.
 5. Say Nation A attacked because Nation B because Nation B committed a act of war then Nation A can defend itself against Nation B and will not be held responsible.
Government and Voting:
1. The founding members Sibirean Union, Greatest Elysium, and Adlandia will be assured security Council spots.
 2. For every four new nations a member of the Security Council will be voted in (Every 3 months their will be elections for the open seats) say their where 8 members not counting SU, GE, and AL then any could run the one with the most votes will win, then a second vote will happen for the person who would get the second seat.
 3. All signers get a vote different subjects that would warrant a vote are but not limited to: Adding or Subtracting points to the treaty, votes on weather or not a nation will be allowed in, kicking a nation out (founding members first get demoted then kicked), ect.
 4. Any nation can request that security council member start a vote, but only security council members have the right to start one unless 2/3 of the non security council member request it in which case it must be voted on.
1. If a nation in the alliance believes that a member of the alliance has broken one of the rules they can ask the Security Council to start a vote on wether or not to to kick that person out of the alliance.
 2. If 2/3rd of the alliance agrees that a nation should be punished then the security council will discuss a punishment.
 3. If nations believe the decision is unfair they can request a vote start (voting laws apply) to have it lifted. If 2/3s of nation agree it is passed.