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House Bill 66: Comprehensive House Procedures Act, Ver. 2

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House Bill 66: Comprehensive House Procedures Act, Ver. 2

Purpose: To replace several older Bills with a single more comprehensive one and to update existing House Procedures to be simpler and more efficient.

Author(s): Tigslarlowducken; previous versions by Azerubia, Lashnakia, Libertatis Regalis, Salibaic, Sumeka, and Renegalle.

Article 1: Basic Procedures

1. Proposed laws must be seconded by a House Representative before they can be debated.
2. A debate shall be held by the Speaker within 7 days. The Speaker may hold one debate to discuss multiple pieces of proposed legislation.

     2.1. If the Speaker does not start a debate within 7 days it shall be considered nonfeasance (except where a vote has been forced by petition).

3. After debate, a vote shall take place within 48 hours. If a vote on the proposed law has been forced by petition, the Speaker shall attempt to the best of their ability to ensure a debate still takes place before the mandated vote.

     3.1. If the Speaker does not initiate a vote within 48 hours it shall be considered nonfeasance.

4. Votes on bills, repeals, and resolutions shall require a simple majority to pass.

     4.1. These votes shall remain open for 2 days or until they reach a majority.

5. Bills must be presented to the Prime Minister for signature, once passed. Once signed, they shall become law.

     5.1. If the Prime Minister vetoes a bill, the House, following a 48-hour debate, can overturn this veto with a 2/3 majority vote.

Article 2: Speaker

1. The House shall elect a Speaker from amongst its members by a simple majority vote. If no such majority is achieved in the first round, runoffs, using a system of elimination, shall be held. The Speaker of the House shall be responsible for:

     1.1. Holding and scheduling debate on proposed laws and votes thereof. They shall provide and update a publicly available schedule of the House's upcoming debates, meetings, and votes.
     1.2. Correcting formatting errors and posting proposed laws on the forums before holding a vote (if not already there). If it is unclear what any section is trying to say, the Speaker must ask for clarification from the law's author(s).
     1.3. Tabulating votes and posting these results wherever the passed law is found, or in the case of a repeal, wherever the repealed law is found. This must specify the votes of each member or if they were absent from the vote.  They must also ensure that the law is moved to the appropriate section of the forums and if it affects any other laws, those laws are to be moved as well.
     1.4. Informing citizens of the passage of legislation (or repeals) on a weekly basis. If no legislation/repeals have been passed during a particular week, they shall not be required to do this.
     1.5. Informing citizens and the House of Representatives of House debates and meetings. They must also extend an invitation to citizens, by any reasonable means, to participate. No citizen may be barred from listening in on these sessions. All House Representatives must be able to provide their opinions on the matters of discussion during these sessions.
     1.6. Supervising and holding elections, as required and laid out by the Constitution.

2. A Speaker shall be elected at the beginning of a new term after the completion of a General Election. A new election for Speaker may be held during a term if the Speaker resigns or loses their position in the House and has no Deputy.

     2.1. These elections shall begin with candidacy announcements, followed by a debate, followed by a formal vote. Each such period shall last 2 days or in the case of voting, until every Representative has voted.
     2.2. If the House Speaker from the previous term is re-elected, they shall remain the incumbent until a new election for Speaker has been held. They shall hold the Speaker election. If they are not re-elected, the Founder shall hold the election for Speaker.

3. The Speaker may appoint no greater than two deputies to assist in their duties. One deputy shall be endowed with the title of "Deputy Speaker," while the other shall be referred to as "Tertiary Speaker."

5. Both the Deputy Speaker and Tertiary Speaker may perform the duties of the Speaker if the Speaker is absent for any reason or has delegated those duties to them.
     5.1. The Primary Deputy Speaker shall assume the position of Speaker if the Speaker resigns from their position or for any reason ceases to be a Representative. If the Primary Deputy Speaker declines the position of Speaker, the Tertiary Speaker shall assume the position of Speaker.

Article 3: Bill Format

1. A bill shall have the following format:

House Bill [TBD]: [title of bill]
Purpose: [the purpose the bill is trying to achieve]
Author(s): [Author(s) Name]
Article [article number]: [article name]
[clause number]. [text of clause].

Article 4: Repeals

1. Any law passed by the House may be repealed, except Constitutional Amendments, unless those Amendments have not yet been voted on by the citizens.
2. Bills may include repeals in their contents.
3. Standalone repeals shall not have any format, name, or number; they shall simply be motions which are debated and voted upon.

Article 5: Constitutional Amendments

1. An amendment shall have the following format:

Amendment [TBD]: [title of Amendment]
Purpose: [the purpose the bill is trying to achieve]
Author(s): [Author(s) Name]
[Existing Section: Name of Section] Existing Language
[New Section: Name of Section] New Language
[Existing Clause(s): [Clause Number(s), including Section letter]] Existing Language
[New Clause(s): [Clause Number(s), including Section letter]] New Language

2. When an amendment is proposed, the following should be bolded:
     2.1. Any and all new material proposing to be added to the document.
3. If material is removed, it is to be struck through in the new article to indicate so.
4. After the bill has passed voting by the House, the Speaker of the House or Founder shall remove these bolded and struck out characters and properly format the amendment.

Article 6: House Resolutions

1. All House resolutions shall have the following format:

House Resolution [TBD]: [Title of resolution]

2. Usage of a resolution
     2.1. To commend an individual or branch of government.
     2.2. To censure an individual or branch of government.
     2.3. To introduce procedural changes that only affect the House of Representatives.

Article 7: Articles of Impeachment Format

1. Articles of impeachment shall have the following format:

House Impeachment [TBD]
Initiating Official: [Name of initiating official]
Accused: [Official the House is trying to impeach]
Relevant Positions: [Positions the official will be removed from if the impeachment is successful]
Justification: [Justification]

Article 8: Numbering

1. The Speaker of the House shall assign all new bills a number after they have been passed by the House.
1.1. In the event that bills become improperly numerated, the Speaker must rectify the numbering within one week of being notified, in writing, by any citizen that notices the issue.
2. Resolutions, Articles of Impeachment, and Constitutional Amendments shall be assigned a number after being passed by the House.

Article 9: Repeals

1. House Bill 56 is rendered null and void by this Bill.
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The Scottish Republic - Aye
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Total: 12 Ayes, 1 Nay, 0 Abstains
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I designate this bill as House Bill 66.

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I sign this bill.