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House Bill X: Abuse of State Accounts

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on: January 14, 2022, 04:27:03 pm
House Bill X: Abuse of State Accounts

Purpose: To prevent accounts owned by the government being used in the same manner as personal accounts.

Author: Battadia

Article 1: Definitions

1. "State Accounts" shall be defined as accounts that are utilised by the Government of the Union or by another regional government exclusively for administrative or other official purposes. Examples include the "Union Dispatch Office" nation on NationStates and the "bot#7584" bot account on all Union Discord servers.

2. "Abuse" shall be defined as changing the name, image, or other customisable feature of a State Account to something which is clearly different to the official form of the customisable feature, with the change done without clearly notifying the populace, Cabinet, or otherwise making it clear prior that the change is humourous.

Article 2: Abuse and consequences

1. If a citizen believes that Abuse of a State Account may have happened, they may request a Review from the High Court.

2. If the High Court believes that an Abuse has occurred, they may order the immediate change of the customisable feature to its official form.