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5th Annual Force Day

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on: January 30, 2022, 03:40:30 pm

5th Annual Force Day: the Founder's Address

My fellow citizens,

I am proud and honored to be celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of Force’s Founding with all of you. We have made tremendous progress since our founding, and particularly in the past year, especially in our states and territories. In our core regions (comprising the capital and states), we’ve gone from 338 nations to 525 and counting. And in the overall Union, comprising the capital, states, and territories, we’ve grown from 406 nations to more than 615.

In early September, the Citizens Alliance of Democracy became our newest state, having grown from just 14 nations last Force Day to around 70 at the time of statehood (and 85 now). Our other states have done well too – Heart, which last Force Day had only 20 nations, now has 95, and RGBN, which last Force Day had 161 nations, is stable at 155. Just this January, following a referendum almost a year ago, a raid by unknown belligerents that forced the region’s refounding, and significant growth and reforms since the refounding, Prudentia became the Union’s newest Province, bringing around 45 active nations with it.

Our community has become significantly more active and engaged – in our clubs alone, activity has quadrupled, going from around twelve thousand messages in the preceding year to more than forty thousand this year. We have supported each other through a very difficult time – the coronavirus pandemic has continued, for the most part, unabated, forcing many of us to isolate and avoid doing those things we most enjoyed before the pandemic. As a result, this Union is no longer focused on what it was originally, which was simulating government – now, our focus is on community, and the efforts of government reflect that. The Ministry of Culture has put on countless contests and events to try and get people involved in fun, social activities. We’ve had great success with this, and in just the past week, we’ve already put on four events and a contest, with two more events to come. We have also grown closer as a community – I’ve witnessed firsthand how amazingly supportive so many of the people here are, helping each other through personal struggles and providing emotional support when it’s needed the most.

Although the political arena is no longer a focus for some of our members, it continues to show growth and engagement. In our last election, held this January, we had 52 voters, surpassing an all-time record of 48, set in November 2020.

Our government has made progress in many other areas as well. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has been particularly focused on encouraging manual recruitment – this past January, the capital gained nearly 40 nations in the span of just two days, much of which can be attributed directly to the efforts of manual recruiters. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has faced many setbacks this year, but this has also forced a change in strategy – we have re-evaluated which regions we consider it worthwhile to have relations with and are working to address longstanding issues and misconceptions about us abroad. The Ministry of Media has done a fantastic job in the last year, releasing seven (soon to be eight) editions of The Force Flyer, and finally getting on a consistent schedule of releasing them on the first of every month. As previously mentioned, the Ministry of Culture has also done a very good job this year, helping us all get through difficult times. The Ministry of Roleplay has focused on a number of structural changes and experiments, like seeing what would happen if the United Nations were all powerful, while keeping on a good schedule of updating RP stats, the map, and welcoming new members, all of which are time-consuming, but ultimately rewarding tasks. In July of this year, for the first time ever, we released handbooks for each ministry, detailing how to do each job, which makes the process of inducting new members easier, and transitions from one minister to the next less time-consuming.

None of this – and I mean none of it – would have been possible without the contributions of our many members. Over the past year, four different prime ministers have led the Union, all of whom have done an exemplary job, showing the power of the democratic process and its potential to promote growth and change for the better. They have been assisted by numerous cabinet ministers and advisors, without whom none of their work would have been possible. The leaders of states and territories, as well as their deputies, have done an exemplary job as well – in Heart, with efforts to promote activity and growth, all while working to reform legislation and promote involvement in government; in RGBN, with continued efforts to improve the RP, while also promoting changes like the introduction of an oversight board; in the Citizens Alliance of Democracy, with efforts to create a functioning RP and encourage manual recruitment; in Prudentia with the creation of a legislature, an active RP, and the first elections, featuring high turnout; in Hyperion with a focus on growth and engagement, as well as reform to promote these two objectives; in Canterbury with the creation of a ‘hobby’ system, functioning a bit like clubs; and in The New Kingdom, with ongoing efforts to create a ‘themed’ region, to attract new members and encourage stable activity. Not all of these efforts have been successful, but they do show vision, and the desire to see through that vision shows dedication, which in turn shows how much people truly care about this place. There are many others who I’ve neglected to mention, like our hard-working civil servants, enthusiastic club leaders, forward-looking House Representatives, and dedicated High Court Justices. The Union is strong because the Union stands together. Our future is bright.

Happy Force Day!