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Request For Review: Heart Constitution; §5.2.1.A.

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on: February 01, 2022, 10:01:41 am
I would like to bring to the High Court's attention §5.2.1.A. of the Heart Constitution  and request that it be review as it may potentially violate §1.2. of House Bill 61: The Provisional Voting Rights Act, depending on the interpretation of the wording of both Heart's Constitution and House Bill 61. I have included the sections of both documents that I have mentioned below.

§5.2.1.A. of the Heart Constitution with full context of surrounding the text

1.Every citizen shall have the right to vote in local elections with the following exception:
A.It is a felony to vote in Heart elections if one is the leader of another region within the union unless they are an elected union federal official such as Prime Minister or a House member.
I.Failure to abide by this law results in instance revoking of the right to vote in Heart indefinitely.
II.This shall not apply to individuals who are Heart natives (people whose first region within the Union of Heart is Heart, and this only applies to the individuals’ first account).

§1.2. of House Bill 61: The Provisional Voting Rights Act

2. Residents of each state and territory within the Union shall have the right to vote in local elections without hindrance, unless this right is revoked as a result of being found guilty of committing a crime in that jurisdiction, where guilt shall be determined either by the local Court, in the case of states which operate their own, or by the High Court, for all other jurisdictions.

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Reply #1 on: March 29, 2022, 11:15:49 am
The High Court hereby rules that that §5.2.1.A. of the Heart Constitution shall be rendered null and void due to its contradiction with House Bill 61: The Provisional Voting Rights Act.
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