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How to File Court Paperwork

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on: March 03, 2022, 10:51:57 am
How to File Court Paperwork
Current as of 03 Mar, 2022

NOTE: This document does not constitute legal advice.

1) Filing Charges
To bring charges against a citizen, you must state the name of the individual and the charges brought against them. The relevant law should be cited in your request.

Under [Law or section of Constitution], I hereby charge [citizen] with the crime of [crime].

Relevant law:
[Excerpt from relevant legal document]

2) Requests for Review
Requests for Review may be made by any citizen. If you believe a law is unconstitutional or contradicts another law, make sure to include all relevant law in your request. The Chief Justice may phrase their legal reviews as "Orders for Review."

I believe [law, policy, or other legal item] may be unconstitutional due to its contradiction of [Constitutional clause]
- OR -
I believe [law, policy, or other legal item] may contradict [law, policy, or other legal item]. [Quote the relevant sections of both laws]

3) Freedom of Information Requests
As of 01 Mar, 2022, FoIA requests should be made using the following format:
Name: [Name of the Nation Requesting]
Contact Information: [Method of contact, such as Discord tag or nation link]
Requested Information: [A detailed description of the information requested - for example, an individual might request all information on a given subject, a summary thereof, or a specific document held by a Government Authority.]
Justification: [Detailed statement as to why this information should be released.
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