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on: April 06, 2022, 11:21:09 am
Preamble: The New Kingdom is hereby established as a territory holding sovereignty over its
people and laws to the degree permitted by the Constitution of the Union of Force.
Article 1: The Sovereign
1. The Monarch is the present King or Queen of The New Kingdom and those who hold
that title in future.
2. The Monarch shall have the sole right to give royal assent to any law passed by the
Storyboard Council.
3. The Monarch shall have the sole right to establish a Royal Charter, which may
establish the rights and obligations of a company or organization, or be used to
create law.
4. The Monarch may establish titles of nobility and grant them to any residents as they
see fit.
5. The Monarch shall be tasked with overseeing elections and shall ensure that
elections are carried out fairly and securely as to not damage the democratic process
for the house representative of the region and the office of the Lord Speaker.
6. The Monarch shall have the right to dismiss any member of the cabinet at any time in
times of emergency, or with just reasoning.
7. If the Crown Prince does not wish to hold office or the Office of Crown Prince is not
occupied by any individual, an election, overseen by the federal government
according to procedures established by the Royal Cabinet, may be held to determine
the new sovereign.
Article 2: Government
Section 1: The Executive Branch
1. The Executive Branch shall consist of the Royal Cabinet, which shall be led by the
King or Queen.
2. King/Queen may appoint members to the Royal Cabinet, who shall each be
responsible for leading a Department.
3. Atminimum there will be the departments charged with Culture, Internal Affairs, Clan
Affairs, and Library/Archival Affairs. The leader's of these departments shall form the
cabinet along with the Crown Prince and Lord Speaker
Section 2: The Legislative Branch
1. The Story Board Council will be the legislative branch of The New Kingdom.
2. The Storyboard Council will be led by the Lord Speaker who will hold no offical vote
unless in case of a tie.
3. Members of the Storyboard Council will consist of Clan Leader's and their deputies
who will be voted in their own specific Clan by their clan's rules and regulations.
4. Each Member of the Storyboard Council will get one vote and may change it at any
time providing it is still within the voting period.
5. The voting period will follow after 24 hour's of reasonable debate. The Debate period
may be extended by the Monarch or the Lord Speaker if they give just reason for
extra time.
6. Following the debate period the Lord Speaker send's it into the voting period labeled
as such “Scroll: Date/Scroll Number/Author”
7. If it successfully passes with a simple majority the scroll passes on to the Monarch
who signs it into law within 48 hour's or if the Monarch is not available the Crown
Prince may write it into law.
8. The Monarch has the ability to veto which is defined as sending it back to the
Storyboard counicl's with suggestion's and it may be signed into law by the Story
Board Council if they follow the Monarch's suggestions.
Article 3: Rights of the Citizenry
1. A nation is immediately considered a citizen of the region upon arrival.
2. Citizens are entitled to membership in the Story Board Council and participation in
regional elections.
3. All citizens shall be subject to the laws of both the Union and the Province.
Article 4: Elections
1. General elections shall be held at least once every two months for the Lord Speaker.
2. Elections shall be held on the last day of September, November, January, March,
May, and July
3. Every election shall consist of two stages: candidacy announcements and voting.
4. Each stage shall last two days, with no more than twenty-four hours between each
stage. Voting results shall be tabulated and released within twenty-four hours of the
end of any election.
5. If there is one candidate for the Lord Speaker, citizens may vote in favor or against
that candidate.
6. If the candidate receives a majority of the vote they shall be elected, otherwise, a
fresh election shall be held within twenty-four hours of the results being released.
7. If there are two candidates for the Lord Speaker, the candidate with the most votes
shall be elected.
8. If there are more than two candidates for the Lord Speaker, citizens may rank their
choices as far as they wish to do so. If, after votes are tabulated, one candidate is the
first preference of a majority of voters, that candidate shall be elected. Otherwise, the
candidate with the least votes shall be eliminated and the next preference of those
voters who voted for the eliminated candidate shall be counted.
9. This process shall continue until a candidate has a majority of the vote. If all of a
voter’s preferences have been counted, their ballot shall not be used in further
10. If at any stage in this process there is a tie that cannot be resolved by legal means,
the Story Board Council shall be tasked with breaking the tie.
Article 5: Emergancy Powers
1. The Crown Prince may assume the Office of Monarch if there is a period of extended
inactivity in which the monarch’s nation ceases to exist, the Founder removes the
existing sovereign from office, or they resign.