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on: August 22, 2018, 12:50:29 pm
This is a collection of Executive Actions made by Renegalle prior moving the forums.
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Executive Action #1
April 29, 2017
Hello fellow nations of Force! As our region is growing, I have decided it is best for a forum to be created for more to be done in the region and for nations to simply have more to do. As such, I have also created two ministries. The Internal Affairs Ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry. To lead those ministries, I will be appointing two ministers. They are Soil and Liberal Evil! Congratulations, guys! The purpose of the Internal Affairs Ministry is to recruit newer nations from across NS and not only encourage them to join Force, but also to help them get involved on the Regional Messaging Board and on this forum. The Foreign Affairs Ministry basically has Diplomats who will be sent to regions we have embassies with to promote diplomacy. Each ministry will have its own staff who will work for the minister and carry out duties of the ministry. It is up to the Ministers to decide how someone becomes a member of their ministry as well as deciding exactly how the ministry works and what they do. To get this all up and running, I ask you to create an account on this forum, TG me the account's name and I'll give you appropriate masking.

Executive Action #2
May 7, 2017
Under my power as Founder of Force, I am officially creating a WA Affairs Ministry so that the WA Delegate chooses what to vote on for resolutions based on the vote of the citizens. All WA Delegates will officially be Ministers of WA Affairs from now on. Congratulation Weshandee! I ask that you create a forum account so this ministry can get up and running.

Executive Action #3
May 13, 2017
I am sad to announce that due to Soil being inactive for 15 days, I am downgrading him to a Research Officer. I am happy however, to announce that Libertatis Regalis is being instated as our new Minister of Internal Affairs! It is now up to you to get things done at home and run the ministry. Congrats!

Executive Action #4
June 3, 2017
Due to their enthusiasm and commitment, I have decided to appoint The Republic of the South East as our first ever Minister of the Military! Congratulations!

Executive Action #5
June 11, 2017
Due to their knowledge of the region and me knowing that they have a lot to contribute to the region, I am appointing Liberal Evil as Advisor to the PM.

Executive Action #6
June 12, 2017
Due to Weshandee ceasing to exist, Mooxien is the new Minister of WA Affairs. It is up to them to head the ministry.

Executive Action #7
August 9, 2017
Applications for Attorney General are now closed. By TG I received an application from Auptoverland. Their impressive knowledge of the Constitution and law makes me happy to announce that I hereby appoint them as the first Attorney General of Force. They will be masked shortly.

Executive Action #8
August 22, 2017
Under my executive power and based upon the provisions of the constitution has been updated, I hereby appoint Auptoverland as Magistrate and remove the position of Attorney General as it is no longer legally a position.

Declared Unconstitutional

Executive Action #9
September 29, 2017
Firstly, all Executive Actions will be numbered.

Secondly, I hereby establish the Truth Committee. This committee will be composed of 2 longstanding members of the region who have proven that they can be trusted and hold no other government positions. They will also be ineligible for other office while they serve and may not vote in elections. This is done so that no bias happens.

All members of this committee will be given a special badge as to be distinguishable and may be asked in their own forum, the 'Truth Committee' forum whether specific posts on the forum or RMB are true.

If any of the members of this committee are found to be lying in any manner, they will immediately be removed from their position and the crime will be prosecuted as treason.

Executive Action #10
October 1, 2017
I hereby appoint the previous Prime Minister, Farallaracks, as Advisor to the PM.

Executive Action #11
October 3, 2017
I hereby appoint Farallaracks as Minister of the Military. Their experience in the region and their previously served time in SCUT has prepared them well for this.

Executive Action #12
October 6, 2017
I hereby remove remove Mooxien from the position of WA Minister for failing to do anything in their position as well as ignoring repeated TGs. I instead appoint Libertatis Regalis as Minister of WA Affairs. I ask that they do whatever possible to become WA Delegate so that their term can officially begin.

As well as that, I remove the position of Diplomatic Research Officer.

Executive Action #13
October 7, 2017
I hereby appoint Bieth as Minister of Roleplay. They have shown a deep interest in RP and I believe they will be good in this position. Congrats!

Executive Action #14
October 7, 2017
I hereby merge the WA & Internal Affairs Ministry into simply the Internal Affairs Ministry. The Internal Affairs Ministry will take over all duties of the WA Affairs Ministry.

Executive Action #15
October 9, 2017
Since Auptoverland has been removed as Magistrate, I hereby appoint Libertatis Regalis as such. They will continue their role as Minister of Internal Affairs until the next Minister election at the end of this month where they may be reinstated or voted out of the position.

Executive Action #16
October 10, 2017
I hereby appoint Liberal Evil to the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Though it is true that their actions concerning election fraud are dishonest, their job in this office was exemplary and makes them fit for this position.

Executive Action #17
November 11, 2017
I hereby issue the following requirements for every embassy in Force:
?   The region must have at least 5 active nations with 1 active WA nation
?   The RMB must have posts newer that a week
?   The region must be in line with Force's ideology
?   The region must be older than a month
A region that does not fit these requirements may still get an embassy through a majority vote in The Assembly.

The closure of an embassy must be in accordance with these guidelines, however an embassy closure may be vetoed by a majority vote in The Assembly.

Executive Action #18
November 23, 2017
I hereby remove Liberalus Evilus (Liberal Evil) from the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs for the spreading of lies and falsely representing our region's interests, effective immediately.

Executive Action #19
January 2, 2018
Defining Types of Law:

Constitutional Law - The entire text of the Constitution; highest level of law*

Executive Law - Any Executive Actions issued by the Founder or Prime Minister; can do anything except amend or suspend the Constitution

Cabinet Law - Any orders issued by the Cabinet such as an extension to a sentence or an embassy closure

Court Law - Court Rulings declaring things unconstitutional and reversing decisions

Treaty Law - The text of various treaties between Force and other regions; lowest level of law

* Though Constitutional Law is the highest level of law, it can be bypassed for very specific things by Executive and Cabinet Law

Executive Action #20
February 3, 2018
Creation of Force Day
Whereas the region Force was founded on January 30th, 2017

and whereas it is recognized that a day should exist to honor this founding and the achievements of the members within the region

Therefore it is enacted that on January 30th of each year a holiday known as Force Day shall exist for the reasons listed therein

Hereby on that day all government work shall temporarily come to a halt, resuming the next day, providing for time to honor the achievements of the members of this region

Executive Action #21
May 31, 2018
The Committee of Heart is hereby dissolved and the laws pertaining to its leadership are removed.

Bennisia II is hereby appointed Prime Minister of Heart and will have 7 days to form a government there.

After that, they will be given up to 2 months to improve the current laws, infrastructure, and communication there.

Once they are done; they will be summoned back to Force.
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