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The Sixth Sir Salibaic Administration

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on: July 15, 2022, 06:20:45 pm

The Cabinet

Prime Minister Sir Salibaic with undue authority hereby authorizes all individuals sited in this list to fulfil the duties of their respective offices and to carry out the powers and privileges given to them by those offices. Prime Minister Sir Salibaic affirms total trust in these individuals to complete their assigned tasks and believes in their integrity and competence to be capable of giving the people of the Union of Force a functioning government.

Sir Salibaic - Prime Minister of the Union of Force
Sir Lashnakia - Deputy Prime Minister of the Union of Force (current deputy)

Gumeus - Minister of Internal Affairs
Sir Lashnakia - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Bertilistan - Minister of Immigration
Sir Azerubia - Minister of Culture
Battadia - Minister of World Assembly Affairs
Sir Sumeka- Minister of Roleplay

The Directorates

Prime Minister Sir Salibaic's Directors, as listed below,

Sidervida - Director of Union Events

Tigslarlowducken - Director of Roleplay Development[/center]

Administration Goals

- My administration will work on growing and retaining our population in our great Union.

- My administration will work on encouraging more pan-union WA engagement.

- My administration shall continue the work on repairing our image in the wider NS community

- My administration shall work on expanding our Foreign Relations, bringing more regional embassies in.

- My administration shall work on developing the territories of the Union, so that they may expand and become stronger, larger regions, perhaps even more states.