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Constitutional Convention: Transitional Provisions

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Constitutional Convention

Transitional Provisions

Upon the passage of a new Constitution, these provisions shall take effect:

1. All federal and regional government officials shall hold the offices in which they currently serve, so long as these remain legal positions.
2. All currently elected House Representatives shall hold their House offices, even those which no longer exist, until the conclusion of the next general election or until otherwise disqualified by a court of law or relevant vacancy law. Vacant offices for these positions may also be filled, and those individuals appointed to these vacancies shall continue to serve for the same period.
3. All laws, except state constitutions or the equivalent, passed prior to the enactment of a new Constitution shall cease to hold legal effect.
4. All existing state constitutions or the equivalent shall automatically become those states’ official charters.
5. Heart, RGBN, Prudentia, and [the] Citizens Alliance of Democracy remain states.
6. The New Kingdom, Canterbury, Hyperion, Dot, Power, Arcem, The New United Commonwealth, and Marist Federated States remain territories.
7. Any criminal sentences currently being served shall be served for the duration for which they were issued. Any sentences issued lasting more than two years shall be reduced to two year sentences.
8. The new Constitution shall come into effect once the House has passed the Penal Code, which shall be done in the same manner that the new Constitution allows for the amendment of that code. The House is legally required, under the penalty of law, to pass a Penal Code within one week of the new Constitution’s approval.

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