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Cabinet Progress Reports for June 2019


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on: June 28, 2019, 10:04:49 pm
As a note, the ministers choose to either do bullet points or a paragraph to sum up their month.

Minister of Internal Affairs:

Continued sending inquiries to people who left to find out why, no replies.
The creation of new territories reformation, in order to gain activity and sustainability in territories, which includes more requirements for governors and territories.
Continued the moderation of RMB.
Promotion of Conquest for Power
Still need to recognize Heart. (Put back due to reforms)
Need to find willing governors after the reforms.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:
- Delivered the Force Flyer
- Assigned people as ambassadors to several regions
- Closed embassies with inactive regions
- Made some progress on a rough draft for a WA program
- Looked into embassies with Yggdrasil and Forest (both seem unrealistic)
- Requested consulates with the South Pacific

Minister of Defense:

The military has:
-Failed 5 operations, 3 due to miscommunication with ASS and one due to them
-Started projects on accurate triggers, possibly trigger bots, and an AutoHotKey script for faster operations
-Communicated with RRA to stop future misunderstandings
-Lack of activity holding the military back a bit.

Minister of Communications:

The Communications Department has planned to publish nearly seven articles this month, thanks to the hardwork of the News Team
The MoComm has worked with the MoIA to publish an Ad in the Flyer for Governorship positions
One article was dropped from the agenda and another wasn't assigned, dropping that as well
We have an Ad with a MILF Chariot
At the time of this agenda's release, we may or may not have sent the Flyer out

Minister of Culture:

We, the culture department, have completed and started a number of tasks in the past month under my guidance. To begin with, we have cut the inactive and outed those with a bad work ethic. Following that, we put most tasks that have come to a stand still to the side and will come back to them at a later date. To start things off, me and Trisword have begun planning to create a fully functioning Minecraft server while also compiling a list of possible online games (some paid, some not) that members of Force can play together in. Elysium has created flags for each of the ministries (and others) while also becoming our 'flag guy'. Caduceo has also made flags, to fly on certain days and events, while also starting a comic book strip (which is still in progress) that will feature the many faces of Force. We have, as a department, started another Force Got Talent (FGT) where auditions will/have been held on the 29th of June. Among other things, I have also personally (with help from our all powerful PM) put together a new RP committee that has been starting to deal with issues presented to us, including how to deal with nukes. On top of that, we have started to formulate plans for future months, as we have in the works articles that may be put into the Force Flyer (shout out to Comms) with either this or next edition. As we develop more ideas and plans, you can expect MORE from this department.
~Loomburg, Minister of Culture~

That concludes the progress reports from the Government of Force, for the month of June.

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