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Bill 12: Regional Cheese Day Act

Sir Salibaic

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on: July 15, 2019, 02:54:34 pm
Bill 12: Force Cheese Day Act

Purpose: To Create a Force Cheese day

Article One: Date
    • Makes August 1st “Force Cheese Day.

    Article Two: Restrictions
    • No Force Regional holiday may be placed on August 1st.

    The UNC

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    Reply #1 on: December 17, 2019, 05:49:05 pm
    House bill X: Regulation of Government conduct and behavior act
    Purpose: To establish a series of guidelines and standards to be followed by members of the force government regarding their behavior.
    Article 1: Conduct regulations.
    1.   Members of the force government are required to use a respectful language with citizens, government officials (any political party) and any third party at all times.
    2.   All debates inside the administration should strive to maintain a parliamentary language during house meetings, announcements, elections and any activity sanctioned by the government of force.
    3.   During any debate between a numbers of parties, a “neutral party” should mediate and supervise the language handled during interventions, discussions or accords, in order to create a healthy space for the discussion of different topics.
    4.   Both citizens and members of the force government have the duty to inform of any disrespectful or inappropriate behaviors to the corresponding authority, and are also required to provide concrete evidence of said event in case of legal action being taken.
    5.   All organizations of the force government need to establish a clear, accessible list of banned or regulated words inside of any official entity and public discussion channels in order to provide a solid base for a better environment inside Force.

    Article 2: actions In case of violation
    1.   In the event of a violation of the regulations established in Article 1, the event should be classified into one of the following levels:
    -Minor: This includes improper language (cuss words or offensive expressions), insults or offensive comparisons. Can lead to official warnings or a small period of suspension.
    -Mild: Includes political or ethnical discrimination, direct personal verbal assault or repeated cases of intolerance. Can lead to mayor periods of suspension.
    -Severe: Includes direct assault through threats, defamation or threatening information (personal data, etc.), political exclusion or sabotage and cyber bullying. Can lead to a legal process by the force government. In first instance, this should be decided by entities such as the house, but in the event of the process resulting in a tie, it can be subjected to a vote by the people of force.