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Cabinet Progress Reports for July 2019


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on: August 02, 2019, 05:56:56 AM
Cabinet Progress Reports for the Month of July 2019

Internal Affairs:

Progress Report:

1. Continuing to Suppress Toxic RMB Posts
2. Asked People why they left
3. Finishing up Reforms
4. Drafting Media Policy Ideas
5. Boosting Activity

Foreign Affairs:

Progress Report:

-Delivered the Force Flyer to in-game and forum embassies/consulates
-Continued to assign ambassadors to regions whenever they were needed
-"Discussed" and updated Force foreign policy


Culture progress report:
~Writing and Art contests set up and ready to go and be advertised.
~A game day is being set up where we play free online games together.
~Ideas are being fleshed out and created, including an emote contest in the works.
~Currently brainstorming ideas to up activity.

Progress report:
- 33 ops done, many unsuccessful due to being training
- Trained Izzy to a decent level, still working
- Created pointing script to allow for faster ops
- Grown by 5 members, one of whom seems to be active
- Not started on trigger bot


Our average news coverage tackled this month's core events
We've had no advertisements included in this edition besides for the Hiring for the Comms Team
We are planning to work with Culture by the next month for upcoming events
Work and morale have been low and slow

It has been a slow month, expect more next month. This concludes the progress reports from the Government of Force.