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Werewolf XIX Invitation


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on: September 03, 2019, 07:05:17 pm
Hello folks! Usually I just jump the regualr dispatch in here, but this time I'm really excited. I'm hosting this time around! So please sign up if you want to see more of me. Anyway, here's you information:

From: [Encrypted] 0u-`gu=4
Subject: Wintreath Calls

Hello Omega Visitor,

Greetings from your local Mercenary crew. We need warm bodies for a new mission. Or cold blooded. We donít discriminate.

Hereís the gig:  It seems a few less than desirables found their way into a local colony, and there is a fair amount of credits in it for whomever helps get them out. We want those credits. You want to live.

You interested? You better be, or we will hunt you down. Better to go down fighting than to be hunted by you know who. Head to the recruiterís office, lower ring of Afterlife. Bring your own gear. Donít die if you wish to be paid.

This mission does not make you an official member of any mercenary group. It just ensures your survival another day.

Weíll see you planetside.

-This message was not authorized by Aria. Please donít tell her. Really, donít. We donít take kindly to rats.

Wintreath is proud to present Mass-Effect themed Werewolf XIX: Just a Husk in the Masses, hosted by new Wolfmaster [nation]Ruguo[/nation]. Join our game, employ intrique and deception to advance your side, and have a blast with awesome people in Wintreath (including yours truly) while you're at it! Sound like fun? Great! The link to sign up is right below! Have questions? Then read on. The game starts on Saturday, September 7th, so join up quickly!

Werewolf FAQs

What is Werewolf? How do I play?
If you've heard of or played Mafia or Town of Salem, this is very much like it. At the start of the game, players are divided into two groups: a small group of bad guys (wolves) and a large group of good guys (villagers). The game goes in turns with two phases: day and night. During the day phase all players vote for someone they believe is a wolf, with the person with the most votes being killed off. Then during the night phase, the wolves select a villager to eliminate.

The goal of the game for the villagers is to figure out who the wolves are based on their behaviour during the game, and vote them off during the day phase, while the goal for the wolves is to hide their identity, manipulate the day vote so that villagers are voted out, and further eliminate villagers during the night phase. The group that eliminates the other wins the game.

Where is the game played?
The game is played on our off-site forums, so a forum account is necessary (you can register one here!). Citizenship is not required to play Werewolf!

How much time does it take to play?
Werewolf usually lasts a few weeks, but only requires a few minutes a day to play.

Each day phase usually lasts 2 days, and each night phase usually lasts 1. You'll want to take at least 15-20 minutes during each day phase to read what other people have posted, post your own replies, and vote on who you want to eliminate at the end of that phase. If you're a wolf or have a role that requires taking action during the night phase, you'll want to take a few minutes to send that action to the game host via forum private message.