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on: October 12, 2019, 10:38:35 PM
Hello there! Tired of embassies just having invitations and updates? Yup us too. Embassies are pretty boring so we thought we'd use ours for something more. Embassies are also a place of outreach. A place for one region to introduce their community to another region. So why is nobody doing that!? Well we are and hopefully you will too in the spirit of fun and good will towards other regions. That's why Wintreath is sending this out. The rules are below so you can read up on how this works as well as what's a no go.

[spoiler=The Rules]1.) Keep it pg-13.

2.) Maintain common decency. No hate speech, don't disparage mental illness or its patients, don't make it pornographic (while the genre of the story is up to you, it cannot be pornographic....yes we felt this needed to be said twice) and all that other common sense stuff that you already know.

3.) You and every region you send it to needs to include with the post you send to other regions, a chronological list of where your specific story has been so that readers (and yes us as well) can keep track of where it has been and verify that the story hasn't been hijacked or something in order to break the rules. Basically your post should look like this:

1.) Wintreath
2.) Your Region

[the rules]

[First paragraph of the story]

[Your region's addition to the story

Then you send it to another region with your region added to the list who will add to the story and do as you did, and so on.

3a) If you're forwarding this via dispatch then do one of the following: mention the nation with the previous dispatch, pin their dispatch in your region, quote their dispatch on your RMB or telegram Club Stoic with a chronological list of where your particular version of the story has been, including links to where each part of the story was originally posted.

4.) No story can be sent to a region it has already been. In theory there will be several different stories going around that have been to places another story hasn't. So if Story A has been to Regions 1, 2 and 3 it cannot be sent to those regions again, but if Story B has only been sent to Regions 3, 4, 5, and 6 then it can still be sent to Regions 1 and 2.

5.) The genre(s) is up to you, the writers! Wanna make it a Crime Drama/Occult story? Go ahead! Tech Noir/Fantasy? More power to ya! Sky's the limit!

6.) Who writes your region's addition to the story is up to you. Wanna include the in-game residents of your region instead of just the off-site community? We strongly encourage that. Wanna make a contest out of it? Go ahead and have more fun with it. Make a poll to decide? By all means. Whatever you do just have fun and remember to pay it forward by sending it to any one region you have an embassy with. We cannot stress enough how important it is to send it out to only one region. Otherwise the stories could end up deadlocked amidst absolute chaos during its dispersal.

Go ahead and spoiler the rules and guidelines to save space. Just make sure it's obvious that the rules are there and need to be read so that they may be observed.[/spoiler]


When I was assigned this case I thought it would be easy and that I would finish it quickly. Just talk to the witness, learn what happened, learn who did it and let Homicide or Commercial Crimes take it off my hands. I expected to be home in time for dinner. What they didn't tell me is that I needed to be a therapist to make any progress. I mean I am a therapist but only because I got a degree online so I could get a raise. I'm not even a decent therapist. I am detective Brock Shepherd and this is my report. I'd started bright and early as usual. Well as bright as it gets in Medford, Oregon. As I passed through the gates of Rogue River Pines Asylum I could tell it was more dreary there than any rainy day could make the town. I flashed my badge, showed the director the warrant and made my way towards patient #67, located in Room #33 of the trauma ward. On the way there the director told me about his preliminary examination, "Mr. Parry Laeddis is in a fragile state right now, sir. What he experienced, the things he saw, the trauma was so great that he can't talk about it cohesively or coherently. If you aren't careful in your questioning he'll just shutdown. I cannot allow you to question him without my supervision." I thought he was overstating it at the time. Coddling the man even. I admit now that I was both careless and insensitive when I first spoke to Parry Laeddis. I walked into the room so arrogant and impatient. At the time I had no idea what kind of damage my brash attitude towards Laeddis would do. Even when I left the room having seen the look in his eyes I didn't regret that first encounter as much as I do now. I don't think that anybody who'd seen and endured so much pain would make it out alive. Looking back I'm not even sure he really did. The following is a transcript of my first line of questioning: