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Candidacy Announcements: House Elections, November 2019

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Candidacy Announcements: House Elections, November 2019

Candidacy Announcements close on November 20th at 3:00 PM EDT.

Up for Election: 1 seat allocated specifically to the region Force in the House of Representatives.

House Representatives

Responsibilities and Privileges: The House of Representatives holds three distinct powers: the ability to pass laws to complement and expand upon the Constitution (but not contradict it), the ability to begin the amendment process (all Constitutional Amendments must start in and be approved by the House, before going to the citizenry for a vote), and the ability to remove government officials who fail to perform their responsibilities adequately or misuse their power (including the Prime Minister and members of the Court).

Election and Activity Laws

1. Attempting to tamper with or interfere with an election in any manner is strictly prohibited. Any attempt at doing so will not go unnoticed and may result in the loss of certain rights (I.4 & J.2).
2. Following the closure of these candidacy announcements, a debate period will begin. As a candidate, you are required to answer all questions asked to you by the Founder (Renegalle) within this period or you will be automatically disqualified (B.4.1).
3. Inactivity will not be tolerated and you will automatically be removed from office after two weeks of inactivity (G.3). It is entirely possible that you could be removed from office by a vote sooner than that, especially if your absence goes unexplained or follows a string of prior absences.

Official Candidacy Form

Candidacy must be filed using this official form; other formats will not be accepted. The House of Representatives is only open to Force residents.

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