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House Bill 16 is unconstitutional

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on: December 08, 2019, 04:11:09 pm
In accordance with §F.1.1 of the Constitution and in stead with my position as Prosecutor, I determine the following:

House Bill 16, as passed by the House of Representatives on November 9th and signed into law on November 13th of this year, is unconstitutional.

I have come to this determination because §1.3 of the Bill ("If anyone is currently engaged with a foreign entity such as a diplomat or ambassador, the nation name shall be redacted until the party leaves that role") is an infringement of free speech (§B.1). I recognize that the Constitution makes exceptions for "information, which if released, could threaten the safety and security of the Union" (§B.1.2), but this provision satisfies neither requirement.

Additionally, I note that the Constitution, in endowing me with the responsibility of "deciding whether any laws are illegal" requires that the action of "suspending these laws if they are" also takes place. Although it is only this provision of the Bill which is unconstitutional (the rest fulfills the freedom of speech exception as mentioned earlier), the requirement for the law to be suspended is very clear.

Therefore, I hereby suspend House Bill 16 in its capacity as law.
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