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Outline for Alemputo's Prime Minister Term


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on: January 23, 2020, 11:19:11 pm
House Bill #9 States the requirement for the Prime Minister to state term goals for the public eye, and thereby this document will serve to solidify the public on my goals in office.

This document will be organized by ministry, recruitment, then plans to work with the house.

Internal Affairs
Though Caduceo may not be completely active in the coming months, I hope by the end of my office that he has created the Force University, which he is calling Academia de Nocturna, and creating Force Academic Programs to go with it. I believe with the creation of this Force will finally have a solid ground where people can get information freely and fairly about Force and NationStates.

Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs has multiple plans, including stablizing relationships with 21st Century Rome.

Force also, under my administration, will be perusing the healing of relations with 10000 Islands, hopefully rectifying their stance that we are a Raiding region, and increasing communication with them. The ultimate goal is to create an embassy with that region.

The Force Defense Ministry is currently inactive. I plan to work with the House of Representatives to try to rectify this and remove the Ministry of Defense from the constitution and put it under control of the Prime Minister. This is currently a work in progress and it is not entirely clear how this will be done.

Communications will continue to put out the Force Flyer, during this session it will be on time and more informative to events around the region. The communications ministry will also be responsible for advertising events from Roleplay and Culture.

My plan with the culture ministry is to expand it's presence in Force. This means having an event every week with potential prizes. I want to make the Minecraft server more active because every time I go on I am all alone. The culture ministry is responsible for making Force feel like a community so the culture ministry will also be required to chat every day in the #discussion and #grand-plaza chats. They are also responsible for making people feel at home in the Force RMB.

The Roleplay ministry will be dissolved and run as a committee. The committee will be responsible for creating events, approving new members, maintaining statistics, and maintaining activity.

Force, in order to be active, needs active recruitment. Until Nations stop being a requirement to be a citizen, we will continue actively searching in NationStates for new recruits. One big plan is to try to partner with similar servers with RP's and government simulations, and try to "steal" members from those servers, as one does not need a NationStates nation to play in those types of RPs. The Culture Ministry will be critical in keeping new recruits.

Working with the House of Representatives
I would like to openly work with the house to pass bills, and encourage bills to be passed, and will do so in DMs with Libertatis Regalis, as well as in the #halls-of-government chat.

I look forward to working with you all and will actively try to be the best Prime Minister I can be.