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Republic of Ambilin

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Reply #15 on: February 02, 2020, 02:09:50 PM
Nation Name: Ambilin

The spot on the map you have claimed: 36

Estimated Population: (subject to change) 2.882 million

Estimated GDP per Capita: (subject to change) 37 Million Cappies a year 187.5 USD

Industries: Law Enforcement, and Manufacturing

Type of Economy: Iron Fist Consumerists (Might change)

Culture: children are encouraged to chase pigeons, Ambinians incessantly needle their doctors for relief, and there's no weight to modern politics. Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, thanks to a well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Ambilin's national animal is the wolf, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its national religion is melisam.

A brief history:(UNKNOWN)
Some outlined goals so we know your intent: build a stable economy
A color you want on the map: Yellowish orange #ffbe26
Discord ID: Ambilin#1763
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Kingdom of Adlandia

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Reply #16 on: February 02, 2020, 04:45:41 PM
Name:Kingdom of Adlandia
Plot claim: 8
Population:30 milliom
GDP percap: $33.4k
Main industry: Oil and trees
Type of country: monarchy King Cornelius
Culture: Extremly sarcastic  and prone to anger at governments and very nationalistic/fascist
Brief history: was monarchy before but fell to civil war and lost to communists led by Abraham who reigned as dictator till his death, then was ruled by 4 more people until the last of the monarchs bloodline returned and took his place on throne but with threat of civil war with fascits always
Goal:taker over plot7
Type of economy: free trade
Colour on map: orange
Discord id:Adlandia#1584


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Reply #17 on: February 05, 2020, 02:43:32 AM
Nation Name: Revvak
The spot on the map you have claimed: 19
Estimated Population: 11 Million
Estimated GDP per Capita: 39K.
Industries: Fishing, Oil Mining, Bioengineering, Mining, Arms Manufacturing, Nuclear Energy.
Type of Economy: Capitalism
Culture: The Teachings of Luck, Reva and with minor fellowship of the ways of Mark.
A brief history: With the founder "Monarch" dead the original Elites split and split again into various factions with similar but different beliefs with our leader "Reva" believing capitalism, corporations and a strong government is the way forward in this cruel world.   
Some outlined goals so we know your intent: "We must unite and evolve together to rebuild after what we have lost, for a brighter day!" -Grand Commander Reva on his address to the people.
A color you want on the map: Orange or black would be nice
Discord ID: Outta_Luck_Panda#2830
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Reply #18 on: February 26, 2020, 02:21:53 PM
Nation Name: Heaveners
The spot on the map you have claimed: 40
Estimated Population: 972,000
Estimated GDP per Capita: $30,000
Industries: Information Technology, Tourism and Book Publishing
Type of Economy: Capitalistic
Culture: The hard-nosed, devout population of 972 Hundred Thousand Heavenersians are fiercely patriotic and enjoy great social equality; they tend to view other, more capitalist countries as somewhat immoral and corrupt.
A brief history: Created in the mid-1990s by a group of technophiles and artists who found themselves dissatisfied with modern-day life, and so they created a place where the artist wouldn't be censored; where the scientist wouldn't be bound by most morals, and so they worked on becoming the most advanced place in the planet. And so they have gained a basic space program, a few AI "citizens" that can barely count as people, many; many; failed attempts at making gengineered babies and catgirls. Overall, they're in a bad place diplomatically, internally and externally, because of their heavily amoral and active human researching projects and "ethical" (to the human workers) animal testing.
Some outlined goals so we know your intent: The creation of advanced technologies available to the public, Designer Babies; Cybernetic Enhancements and Virtual Reality technology (no uploads though), equal opportunities between everyone without removing their individuality.
A color you want on the map: Beige
Discord ID: Aphrodite#3930

Galvius Orion

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Reply #19 on: February 27, 2020, 10:12:21 PM
Name: Libertatem Futuram
The spot on the map you have claimed: 9
Estimated Population: 20 million
Estimated GDP per Capita: 45,000 dollars
Industries: Arms Manufacturing industry, with major contributions from Information Technology, Trout Farming, and Pizza Delivery.
Type of Economy: Laissez-faire Capitalism
Culture: Roman is the culture but the predominant philosophy is objectivism
A brief history:Libertatem Futuram was founded by the original founders and people of the plains of libertatia. Soon after a series of failed monarchies a republic emerged that favored individual and economic freedom. The society believes in individualism above all else and sees selfishness as a virtue.
Some outlined goals so we know your intent: (in a non RP sense have fun and make memes) Help our allies, defeat our enemies, make life better.
A color you want on the map: dark red, a velvet?
Discord ID: [ Ψ ] Director Galvius Orion#6536
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Reply #20 on: February 29, 2020, 12:42:43 PM
Nation Name: Carlista Espana
The spot on the map you have claimed: 37
Estimated Population: (subject to change) 30 million
Estimated GDP per Capita: (subject to change) (in USD) 60,000
Industries: Automobile industry, Mining, Manufacturing, Arms manufacturing
Type of Economy: Capitalistic
Culture: Spanish
A brief history: Spain was suffering throuthout the history and when the civil war broke out it was clear that Spain won't survive next century without change. So king's loyal forces started civil inside the civil war and helped him to get on a throne. With that Carlista Espana now enjoys peace and prosperity.
Some outlined goals so we know your intent:
A color you want on the map: dark golden yellow
Discord ID:


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Reply #21 on: March 05, 2020, 01:21:10 PM
Nation Name: Alemputo

The spot on the map you have claimed: 16

Estimated Population: 27,000,000

Estimated GDP per Capita: Alemputo does not use a monetary system, thereby it has no GDP. However it uses a credit based system where workers receive credits based on how they work. All workers receive the same number of credits. In Alemputo, the current credit rating is at 170,000 credits per worker, which if equivocated to USD would be around $40,000 per worker, though that number does not grow or shrink as capitalistic economies would, so there is a 0% growth rate. Only when the state deems it is ready to change the number of credits earned, will it deem an order to increase or decrease credits per worker.

Industries: There are two very large cities in Alemputo, Our Kokoru (8,300,000), and Our Kamikioru (5,200,000). Our Kokoru was a historically financial center, though it has turned more toward a location for offices for the government, and headquarters for the state industry. Our Kamikioru is a large manufacturing region, which manufactures a large portion of the world's products as industries have to pay very little for products received. Industry also is growing in Kokoru.

Some inudstries in Alemputo:
Weapons Manufacturing (mostly for foreign governments)

Type of Economy: State Controlled
Culture: Alemputo recently had a major revolution overthrowing King Sombra and exiling him to the Crystal Mountains in the neighboring region of Kalaidio, so a culture is not yet fully established.
A brief history: Alemputoan History is ancient, and ponies roam the entire continent. For nearly 1000 centuries the nation was ruled by a monarchy (reference the old Alemputo in previous RP). Alemputo split into two nations, Asemuedika, and Alemputo, which is where the historic capital is. Alemputo still claims Asemuedika as part of it's land, but reigns no control, and they run a monarchy similar to the old nation, but with only about half of its previous inhabitants as the capital territory is gone. (15 is Asemuedika, so I request nations not invade that territory because I would like to have a little fun with Alemputo's history. Also everyone is ponies so that is a discouragement.) 
Some outlined goals so we know your intent: Alemputo prides itself with being the only true communist country within Force. Starlight Glimmer likes spreading that ideology, and also likes encouraging nations to use Alemputo's skilled manufacturers. Alemputo and Aesemuedika are currently at a firm peace agreement, and King Sombra is held at a prison in Aesemuedika's Kalaidio region, though the Asemuedikeeites provide him with many luxuries, as well as his daughter Princess Luna, and his son Prince Trathsava.
A color you want on the map: Bright Pinkish Purple
Discord ID: The Equal State of Alemputo#2263


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Reply #22 on: March 08, 2020, 10:17:00 AM
Nation Name: Caidanland

The spot on the map you have claimed: Ideally spot 27, but whatever is free :)

Estimated Population: 3.629 Million (subject to change)

Estimated GDP per Capita: 60,000 (subject to change) (in USD)

Industries: Information Technology, Tourism, Retail

Type of Economy: Mixed Market Economy

Culture: Patriotic and hard-working, with a strong presence of roman catholic values as a result of the Holy Empire days of the nation.

A brief history: THE GRAND DUCHY OF CAIDANLAND is a Spanish - speaking nation ruled by Archduke Francisco Agón with an even hand. The nation is culturally Spanish but has since adopted English as a widely spoken language. It is one of the most developed nations in the region of Force and in the world, possessing a highly modernized and efficient economy geared mostly toward innovation and technological advancements. Caidaneese citizens enjoy high quality healthcare and education, freely provided by the government. Quality of life and infrastructure also continues to improve and excel in international and regional rankings (more info in our official factbook).

Some outlined goals so we know your intent: To continue to develop our nation for the good of the people, create a strong economy and hopefully push others to do the same.

A color you want on the map: Red

Discord ID: Dog0fWars#9547
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The Boslandic Islands

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Reply #23 on: March 15, 2020, 10:23:14 PM
Nation Name: The Boslandic Islands
The spot on the map you have claimed: 20
Estimated Population: 5 million
Estimated GDP per Capita: 310 Billion
Industries: Mostly driven by the private sector, and tourism. Exporting wood and trout farming is the next biggest industries.
Type of Economy: Mixed economy, between capitalism and socialism.
Culture: Island Tribe
A brief history: An ancient tribe that was recently discovered, when discovered the UN decided to dedicate The Boslandic Islands as a homeland for the people of the Boslandic Tribe. The people of the Island are a friendly bunch that care deeply about their culture and history.
Some outlined goals so we know your intent:
-To be a peaceful nation
-help others in a time of need
-Get further involved with Force
A color you want on the map: Yellow
Discord ID: The Boslandic Islands#4512


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Reply #24 on: March 22, 2020, 12:02:46 AM
Nation Name: Tuthia
The spot on the map you have claimed: 47
Estimated Population: 7,000,000
Estimated GDP per Capita: 25,000 (subject to change)
Industries: Industrial mining, automobile manufacturing, Industrial farming, Retail, fishing, oil refining, arms manufacturing
Type of Economy: Regulated market economy
Culture: Nationalist, hardworking, defensive,
A brief history: The diaspora of an ancient group of people led them to their promised land, the islands of PLOT 47. After "pushing" the natives out of the land, they established their own kingdom there, and built their own civilization there.
Some outlined goals so we know your intent: expand Tuthia's economy and make powerful allies to secure Tuthian existence against any potential rivals.
A color you want on the map: dark blue
Discord ID: Adam ludwig lewenhaupt#6453