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House Bill 28: Official Communications Formatting Act

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House Bill 7: Official Communications Formatting Act
Purpose: To ensure the readability of any official communications relating to Force government.
Article 1: Formatting

1. The following formatting shall only apply to the following
    1. Official government posts
    2. Official responses to the government
    3. Official debates
    4. Elections
    5. Any other government related posts as seen reasonable by the courts
2. Rules
    1.  Maximum font size should be no larger than 24pt for headers and no smaller than 11pt
    2.  White and black font color should be used according to the background with red used only as necessary to call attention to specific or important details.
    3.  Bold, underline, italics, and any other text modifications may only be used where absolutely necessary
    4. Only the following fonts may be used
      4.1.   Arial
      4.2.  Calibri
      4.3. Times New Roman
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