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Request for Review: Internal Affairs Directive no. IA-001


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Your Honor, Mr. Chief Justice:

In accordance with žD.6.1 of the Constitution, and your ability of "...clarifying an existing law...", I hereby request that the Court clarify žD.5.1 of the Constitution, as a recent action by a member of government has exposed an issue of ambiguity in the law.

Your Honor, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Caduceo, just passed a directive entitled 'Internal Affairs Directive no. IA-001'. This directive was issued on the basis that žD.5.1 of the Constitution grants individual Ministers the right to create law. However, this has never been done before in the past. Previously, this section of the Constitution was presumed to mean that the Cabinet as a whole had the ability to create law, not individuals within it.

Thus, I would like to ask for the Court's opinion on the matter in order to more clearly define this section of law.


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Reply #1 on: April 19, 2020, 07:25:09 pm
The Court has unanimously agreed that power to pass a law is held by the Cabinet as a whole, and that individual Ministers do not have this power.