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House Bill X: Regional Protection Act


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on: June 14, 2020, 05:50:50 pm
I commend the following Bill to this House;

House Bill X: Regional Defence Act

Purpose: To further the interests, safety and defence of the people of Force and its territories.

We, the Union House of Representatives, for the purposes of furthering the interests and safety of the People of our Region, adopt the following principles.

Article 1 - Defence & Intelligence Minister

1. The Force Defence and Intelligence Ministry (FDIM) is hereby created as the Regionís leading authority concerned with Regional Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Defence.

2. The Office of Defence and Intelligence Minister is hereby created as the FDIMís leader and main coordinator of its operations.

3. The Minister should be nominated by the Prime Minister and shall serve at the pleasure of the incumbent Prime Minister.

4, Should the Minister create a threat to the security of the Region, by the means of, but not limited to, releasing vital information, having malicious intent performing executive actions, staging a threatening incident, or conspiring to commit any of these, he shall be tried before the Court.

Article 2 - Subdivisions

1. The FDIM shall be split into two subdivisions: Internal and External Affairs.

2. The Internal Affairs team shall be tasked with preventative and investigative law enforcement within the region.

3. The External Affairs team shall (with permission from the Cabinet) execute covert espionage operations in other regions, if necessary (i.e in a time of war).

4. Both teams shall be accountable to the Minister and Deputy Minister, as well as the PM.
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