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The East Pacific's Delegacy Election has concluded!

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In the following thread, Vice Delegate Libertanny, known to most as Serge, won the Delegate elections with a 56% majority, narrowly defeating Vizier and Former Viceroy Zukchiva, who handled the loss with grace.

After being confirmed by Viceroy-Designee Pakitsk, Delegate Libertanny has announced his new Cabinet, which is as follows:

Vice Delegate: Dragons Blood (McStooley)

Chief Minister of Regional Affairs: Sakana
Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs: The Earth Systems Alliance (on Leave of Absence until July 15)
Acting Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs: Virgolia (until July 15)
Chief Minister of World Assembly Affairs: Wallenburg
Director of the Bureau of Public Affairs: Zukchiva
Overseeing Officer of EPSA: The Atlae Isles

Minister of Information and Communications: Tretrid
Minister of Immigration: VW53ALand
Minister of Culture: Aivintis

Cabinet Advisors: East Malaysia, Pakitsk, Asendavia, Bachtendekuppen, A mean old man, Marrabuk, Todd McCloud, and Hobbesistan*

*Hobbesistan is yet to be confirmed

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Reply #1 on: June 16, 2020, 05:35:18 pm
We'd like to convey our formal congratulations to Serge/Libertanny on their election as Delegate!
We would also like to congratulate all those appointed to the Cabinet and look forward to working with TEP's new government.