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Political Parties FAQ

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on: October 14, 2018, 07:14:03 pm
Joining a Party

To join a party, simply go to the Political Parties Subforum, click on the party you wish to join, and follow the instructions in that thread on how to register. Some parties may have you register by replying to the thread with your application, while some might let you register elsewhere, like on Discord.

Important: Membership in more than one party at once is not permitted.

Creating and Registering Your Own Party

Anyone may create their own political party by creating a thread in this subforum. To show up in the official parties dispatch and be valid on candidacy declarations for elections, it must be registered.

To register, a party must:
1. Have at least two members
2. Have a unique name that is not misleading
3. Have a logo or party emblem
4. List its core beliefs
5. Have a system for nominating election candidates
6. Detail its membership requirements
7. List its leadership positions and explain the method for selecting them
8. Exist solely within the Union and not have branches outside of it

To maintain its registered status, a party must:
1. Continue to abide by the aforementioned requirements
2. Release an updated party membership list at least once a month

Parties and Party Candidates During Elections

During elections, there are special regulations for parties and party candidates.

Political parties, whether registered or not, may not send more than one telegram related to campaigning to each Union region during elections.

Candidates in elections must state their party affiliation, if they are affiliated with a registered party. Failure to do so shall make you liable for criminal prosecution. Otherwise, they shall be considered an independent candidate.
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