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Cabinet Appointments for Salibaic 3rd term

Sir Salibaic

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on: November 11, 2020, 12:18:41 pm
With special trust and confidence in their integrity, prudence and ability, I designate my new cabinet to authorize, execute and fulfil the duties of their respective offices with all the powers and privileges given to them and subject to the conditions prescribed. It is affirmed by this letter and with the seal of my office and it is done on this day and in this place. Thus, I hereby appoint the following to my cabinet:

Minister of Internal Affairs - New Waltonburg
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Oimatsu
Minister of Media and Culture - Azerubia
Minister of Roleplay - Alemputo

Advisor to the Prime Minister - Sir Lashnakia

Cabinet Secretary - Illyrus
Press Secretary - Greatest Elysium

I also appoint the following to ministerial office:

Secretary of Outreach - Caduceo - MoIA
Secretary of Recruitment - Krovx Belgium - MoIA
Secretary of Education - Krovx Belgium - MoIA

Chief Diplomat - Lashnakia - MoFA

Editor of The Force Flyer - Azerubia - MoMC
Secretary of Culture - Diabeetuss - MoMC
Clubs Commissioner - Sidervida - MoMC

Cartographer - Alemputo - MoRP
Events Coordinator - Alemputo - MoRP

Prime Minister of the Union of Force and its Territories

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