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Resignation from the position of Speaker of the House

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Mr. Prime Minister
Esteemed Members of the House of Representatives

I am hereby announcing my resignation as Speaker of the House. My resignation is due to personal and political reasons, the latter of which I will not state in public.

My life has undergone a dramatic change in personal lifestyle, as I saw it fit to better myself while I had this time, and this chance. This has, of course sacrificed a lot of my recreational time. Per day, I have about an hour on discord, holding two positions in different regions, and moderating a server with 4.5k people.

I do not see it as right for me to carry on in a position I do not see myself having the time for. I will continue as a House Representative, supporting the inexperienced House in their quest for legislation, to improve what is a thriving region under the Prime Minister, and while I have some personal, and political differences with him, I still consider him a friend.

I will also withdraw my candidacy for Court Justice, having had a think over that.

Thank you,