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The East Pacific News Service - JULY 2020 ISSUE

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on: August 02, 2020, 10:56:49 am

The East Pacific News Service
July 31, 2020

Mindful Horizons: The University Reimagined
By Wonderess (Castle Federation)

Over the years, since 2011, I have spent in NationStates, I have realized that being here was never about the game. Of course, gameplay can be fun and fulfilling, but really NS gives us an opportunity to be a part of a community and contribute something we can be proud of. I am happy to be able to tell you here that yet another opportunity has blossomed in The East Pacific. The historic University of The East Pacific is open once again for everyone to enjoy and take part in. I am equally proud and humbled that I am the one that gets to speak to you about it. I am thankful to the Delegate for allowing me to become a new addition to the TEP community in such an amazing capacity as the Chancellor of the University.

You may be wondering what is in store for the University, so I hope I can paint a full picture for you. UTEP is first and foremost a community. I have decided on a motto for the University which is Veritas per civitatem which translates to “Truth through community.” It is all well and good to learn through Wikipedia pages or readings through books, but knowledge really comes alive when we approach it through discourse and speak about our loves with those who share our passion. Truth comes through the encounter of the other, and so UTEP fully revolves around this premise. We have both forums for in character topics such as NationStates subjects, role play, TEP history, along with real-world topics like science, the humanities, and subjects you would find at a real-world university. We provide goals to work towards such as the creation of a department which through effort can thrive into a sub-community focusing on a specific topic. You may even find yourself promoted to professor one day heading that department. The UTEP balance is between openness to provide spaces and resources for the topics you love to explore and also keeping the structure coherent so that there are not a bunch of empty channels or subforums forever.

The University mainly functions in two places. The forum is where academic works like papers go while the newly formed UTEP Discord is where conversations and casual learning take place. We are still getting things up and running, but I think the level of interest and excitement I have seen is very promising. I hope UTEP can be a place where all of NS can come and take part and actively bring growth to the TEP community as a prime intellectual hub of NationStates.
If anything here piques your interest, then I invite you to join us. If you would like to be a part of the inaugural UTEP staff and come join our ongoing conversations then you should join our Discord:

Then just petition the Chancellor for membership in the Chancellor Petition channel, and you are on your way. Details about the university can also be found on the Discord in the Quick Facts channel. No matter who you are, there is something you can bring to our community that no one else can. I hope to see you come to take part soon! Thank you for reading, and here’s to a long-lasting and successful University!

Wonderess (Castle Federation)
Chancellor of the University

TEP RMB: A Fantastic Place to Be
By Zukchiva

By now many readers of our awesome regional newspaper have seen articles on both RMB RP and forum RP. And many may be wondering… “Really? Another article on this roleplay stuff? How is this relevant to anything I care about?”

Well, consider this article as an opinion, by me, Zukchiva, on why RMB RP is an awesome place for roleplay for your average newbie. Or in other words… a sort of recruitment article? Whatever, let’s get to it.


Many roleplaying regions usually have one or two maps, in which people set their nations and roleplaying careers on. Maps are pivotal to most regional roleplay communities and rarely does roleplay exist in a region with no map to mark down land claims.

But here in TEP’s RMB, map limitations are nothing but a false construct. We’ve gone through multiple variations of maps and are still learning to this day what makes a jaw-dropping map and what makes a flop. In fact, you could consider the map environment of TEP RMB RP’s as something following Darwin’s theories of evolution; the maps that attract and keep roleplayers survive and thrive, those that fail to grab interest eventually die out and are forgotten.

But this world of tough love shouldn’t be discouraging to any intrepid cartographer! Roleplayers are forever seeking new opportunities to a) worldbuild, b) rule the world, or c) shitpost in new creative contexts. And what provides those very necessary opportunities? MAPS!

So the bulk of this reason is that TEP’s RMB RP is really a place for map experimentation. Roleplay in the (currently) three maps available, or maybe even make your own map and see what makes a good roleplay!


Not everyone wants to roleplay with only themselves for company. Most people really want to experience the joys of nation-making with other flesh-and-blood humans. At the risk of toxicity, headaches, drama, and angst, roleplaying with other people is something that can be an enlightening and fun experience!

And that’s what TEP’s RMB RP roleplay has. An active, dedicated community focused on roleplaying (at least, when they aren’t meme-posting or discussing politics when the ROs aren’t prowling). It’s a community that’s been established for over two years, and it has been extremely vibrant ever since. (It’s also kind of taken over the entire RMB, to the point where “RMB” is a stand-in for “RMB RP”, but don’t tell anyone that.)

If you don’t believe me, just look at those page numbers! From 2011-2017, the RMB only had around 3,000 pages (sad). But then when the spark of roleplay hit, the RMB churned out nearly 40k pages in the span of 2018-2020 (nice).


A lot of times, people often fear roleplaying/writing in general because they think they suck at doing it. The fact is, however, that RMB RP is full of “bad” roleplay. Plot lacking, shallow characters, and godmodding are as common to RMB RPers as seeing roleplay posts are.

So is your low-quality writing holding you back? Are those large beautifully-written textwalls scaring ya from trying your hand? Well, don’t let them. Because lemme tell you: I was here when all of these roleplayers began writing their first roleplays. And while they all write beautifully now, they sucked when they first started out in their writing diapers!

So TEP RMB RP is perfectly used to “bad” roleplays. So come and grow with us! We won’t do much (besides decimating your country and take over the world).


Roleplaying, in the end, is an awesome endeavor that occurs all throughout NationStates and the internet in general. But TEP’s RMB RP is one of the best places to begin your roleplaying career; whether it’s trying to get used to socializing with people on the Internet, improving your writing, or just wanting to talk about your nation to others.

You have to start somewhere, so why not start in a dedicated, experimenting, seen-it-all roleplay community? Because in the end, there really is no reason not to!

So come along down, old and newbie roleplayers alike, to TEP’s RMB RP. I promise we’ll take care of ya. Somewhat.

See you around! :D

Rewarding TEP
By y0 (Evrigenis)

Throughout my time in The East Pacific, I have found many aspects enjoyable—the region’s diverse RPs, lively government debates, and new trading cards organization have each been good reasons to start playing and keep staying. But I have found the best reason of all is its community. Our community is hard to define, but one of our core characteristics is that we are extremely inclusive and constantly improving. In the last month, we have initiated several region-wide programs to boost activity.

One major component of this suite of renovations is the World Assembly. If you’re not familiar with it yet, here are some pages that may help you get context. If you are familiar, that’s great! To encourage region-wide participation in the WA, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has launched Raising Eastern World Assembly Recognition and Development. Wallenburg, TEP’s MoWAA, stated his primary objective for the program succinctly: “As Minister for WA Affairs, I am chiefly interested in getting people to join the WA, take interest in its mechanics, and become part of the WA community.”
As a precursor to REWARD, TEP implemented an auto-updating dispatch to encourage WA members to endorse our Delegate, Libertanny. But that’s just the beginning. We have also begun discussion for a tiered reward system based on how many endorsements nations give and receive. But that’s not where REWARD ends. [nation]The World Assembly Development Program of TEP[/nation] has made strides to publish region-wide opinions on resolutions. We are also in the process of building a mentorship program that connects experienced authors with newer members of the community.
If you haven’t already, you should join the WA community! I hope you’ll find it as rewarding as I do.

Volinovia and Merlovich Talk About Each Other’s Maps!
By TechnocraticTagalog

Here in NationStates, every region has its own message board, or RMB for short, which is used for talking IC (In-Character) or OOC (Out-of-Character) stuff. But here in TEP, the RMB has another function, Roleplay!

But first, what is a roleplay? What is RMB? The Regional Message Board, or RMB for short, is a chat function visible in a region,( found by scrolling down on the region’s homepage). This aspect allows nations of that region or other people from other regions if they have an embassy there to communicate and displays their flag as well as allowing them to ‘like’ others’ messages and quote them. Roleplay is the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role.

Now we have RMB RPs where people role-play in the regional message board. But what do they roleplay? Of course, there are people who have made specific maps and specific eras to fit the nation/player’s taste on roleplay! In TEP we currently have 3 very active roleplays, Windsor by [nation]Volinovia[/nation], Valsora by [nation]Merlovich[/nation], and Courisla by me!

Windsor takes place in the World War I Era of the 1910s to 1920s; Valsora features modern technology roleplay that is slowly advancing into future tech, while Courisla is a renaissance role-play that is also advancing in technology. But since there are lots of Regional Message Board Role-plays sometimes bad things happen including on which RMB RP is better or such, and this is the purpose of this article, to ask the owners/cartographer’s opinion about other RMB RPs throughout the entire region of The East Pacific, starting with Volinovia, the Owner and the Lead Cartographer of Windsor!

TechTag: *barges in Volinovia’s room door* Hemlo Volinovia! How are you? Are you doing fine on your vacation? I hope you get a keyboard soon. Anyways I’m not here for that, But I think you already know why am I here right?

Volinovia: Hello! Doing fine here, thank you though. And yes I do know why you are here in the middle of night barging in at my big mansion is totally not creepy.

TechTag: Okay, okay I am sorry to interrupt your beauty sleep. I will only ask a few questions about the RMB RPs then I will leave you alone. Is that okay?

Volinovia: Fine then. Ask.

TechTag: So, what do you think about Valsora?

Volinovia: I love Valsora, it was the map I really made the image of my nation on through kicking the NUSSR’s butt back when he was fledgling. I have always liked it through Zuk, Nova, and now Merlo.

TechTag: Okay okay, what do you think about Merlovich and Valsoran roleplayers? Instead?

Volinovia: Valsoran Roleplayers have always been my friends, I have always kept tabs on Valsora and the movement of things in the TEP, although I may be biased in thinking Windsor is better, Valsora is certainly not far behind and is an important piece of the TEP’s history.

TechTag: Hmmmm, okay. Last question. Are there any circumstances that you have encountered saying that “Valsora is better than Windsor” or other things that basically make Windsor and Valsora somewhat rivals? If yes, what would you do to show that it’s not rivals of some sort, and if no, what would be your response to it if it happens?

Volinovia: I remember in the first version of Windsor had a small running with a Valsora v Windsor rivalry. I don’t think that either map is “better”. Each RPer needs to find the map based on their RP style. While Windsor may be a little more Game like and in-depth, Valsora has its own charms that make it unique as well and nobody should be judged based on their choice of map. If a Windsor RPer went around toting that Windsor is better than Valsora and started being toxic I’d clamp down on them, I would expect and hope that Merlo and the Valsora staff would do the same.

TechTag: Thank you for your amazingly grandiose answers Voli! I know this may be short and somehow quick as it’s my first article and *sigh* woooo. This is somehow nerve-cracking! Anyways I shall barge out of your room now! Until we meet again! Woop woop!

Woo! What an entertaining interview! Let’s go barge into Merlovich next! This will be enjoyable as well!

TechTag: *barges in Merlovich’s door* Hemlo Merlooooooooo! I mean no- Oi mate! howdy! What are you doing in this fine upside-down world today? Oh my god, it’s too hot here!

Merlovich: G’day m8, what brings you here in the middle of deserted Australia with lots of spiders, snakes, and emus?

TechTag: Ah yes, I came here to interview you! about…..*pants heavily* Windsor… Yes! Windsor.

Merlovich: About Windsor? Hm sure, go ahead!

TechTag: Okay then if you say so, first question -- so, what do you think about Windsor?

Merlovich: I think Windsor is great, it's always interesting to look at other maps as a map owner myself. I like Windsor both as a conventional map, and admire the loyalty it's members show to it. Despite it's quieter nature recently, Windsor still has a great load of potential, and I'm eager to see where it goes.

TechTag: What a wonderful answer: very nice, next question! What do you think about Volinovia and Windsorian roleplayers instead?

Merlovich: I don't know a huge amount about individual roleplayers on Windsor, but I know that they're quite strongly tied with the map, and they enjoy it. As for Volinovia, that only goes to show how much he cares for the map, and how well he's done at running it.

TechTag: *is jungshooked* Okay, questionne la finale~ Are there any circumstances that you have encountered saying that “Windsor is better than Valsora” or other things that basically make Windsor and Valsora somewhat rivals? If yes, what would you do to show that it isn't at all If no, what would be your response to it if it happens?

Merlovich: I've heard from a lot of people that Windsor is either being run better or is overtaking or has 'overtaken' Valsora as the RMB's main RP map. I've seen a lot of people place Windsor and Valsora as direct rivals, which I'm not a fan of, and neither is Voli. Both these maps can work and live in peace with one another, and they've done so recently quite well. I dispute the claim that Valsora is any lesser than Windsor, while I admire the work that Voli has put into Windsor, and am impressed with its longevity, I'm still confident that Valsora is the main map for RMB RP. Valsora goes through ups and downs, it always has and the cycle continues no different, sometimes there just needs to be a spark to keep the RMB alive and running smoothly. Valsora is still going strong and will continue to do so. I love this map and have the utmost faith in it's continued success as TEP's main RMB map.

TechTag: What a long answer, anyways thank you so much for your time and such, I hope you have a good day mate!

Merlovich: Yeah, you too!

There we go, we basically got each other’s opinions on their maps. Both Cartographers say each other’s map is awesome and unique in its own way, having different roleplay styles. Both maps have their own life and fandom and should not get hate, as they are one of TEP’s most influential RMB RP Maps, and their purpose is to shed happiness and fun to its roleplayers, not hate. -TechTag

Technocratic Tagalog Interview: RMB’s Rising Star
By Art (Sokala)

1. How long have you been in NationStates?

Around 96 Days! And Yep, I’m one of those peeps who joined during the infamous “Drew Wave”.

2. How long have you been in The East Pacific?

I started in TEP So lol! Same day as my nation founded above!

3. What was the first RP that you joined? What made you join that RP?

Windsor, I was pretty much got interested with it as I talked with some RMB Persons that are included in the map which are; [nation]Azureano[/nation], [nation]Volinovia[/nation], and [nation]Distro-Spartica[/nation].

4. Are there any other RPs you are part of? What are those RPs?

Yep! I am also a Part of Valsora, My own map, Courisla, and now the forum rp, Urth! And some Roblox RPs

5. What are you RPing as in those RPs respectively?

Ah, in Valsora I’m just a simple republic there who is slowly rebuilding from the ashes of its past, I decided to go into that way since I’m inactive in Valsora, In Windsor, I am a Kingdom bearing the name of Valhalla, a powerful Kingdom with a pretty much worldbuild related to some real-life nations. And in Urth, I’m an Absolute Monarchy focusing on Technology.

6. Prior to NationStates, did you have any other experiences in roleplay?

I have been to a lot, I have also experienced roleplaying in such games such as; Roblox, Minecraft and other games but not this time of roleplay as a nation of course hahaha. And some real-life roleplays that I’m sure I don’t wanna talk about.

7. What are your thoughts on your rapid ‘promotion’ from cartographer to one of the admins of Windsor, a relatively powerful position for someone who’s less than a year in NS?

It was a damn emotional rollercoaster. In just a span of three months, I have already got into this position? Man, this feels like yesterday when I joined, to be honest. I don’t even know how I went up into this position starting as a Helper, I just did my own thing and moved with the flow, It's pretty much amazing if you ask me.

8. With Volinovia moving on from Windsor, what are your future plans for it?

Currently, I am still planning the last update that Volinovia was going to make for Windsor before he decided to leave, the culture and religion update in which Culture is now released, planning for religion. But I guess for now I don’t have many future plans for it but I’m sure there is a plan that might come soon.

9. You recently joined the Urth RP of TEP. Any thoughts on why you joined Urth?

I am a man of curiosity. I like to check out things when I have extra time and have nothing to do, I saw the server invite in the main discord server and joined, There are a lot of supportive people there like Sammy ([nation]New Leganes[/nation]) and Dylan([nation]Staynes[/nation]) which really urged me to join Urth and here we are now, me having a fun time on Urth as well.

10. There are talks about you rebooting Courisla. Any comments on this?

Courisla just went from active to super dead when I lost my charger for 2-3 weeks, I started it as a joke as I am trying to hone my cartography skills without using a premade map by a generator and tried it. It turned at least pretty decent and joked about it on the server then, yeah some people do want the reboot. Who knows? Maybe in the near future if someone is still interested.

Looking through the Stained Glass Windows
By Inquisitive Nominations

Editor’s Note: The following is a work of satire and does not represent the views of The East Pacific.

As you know, we are currently in the middle of this [current world event], and no doubt it’s taken a big toll on people in this game and elsewhere. I’d just like to preface this with a reminder to stay safe and kind to each other at this time.

One of Delegate [nation]Libertanny[/nation]’s most prominent actions this month was the Windows Defender theme, which confused many interregional onlookers. The posting of blue flags and blatant advertisement of Microsoft’s anti-malware program seemed completely out-of-character for the previously-vibrant green tones of The East Pacific. The July 12th announcement, prefaced with “Statement on Defender Alignment,” no doubt alarmed many in the R/D-centric Gameplay community. Some individuals concluded that this couldn’t have meant a defender ideology, since TEP law currently forbid such a move.

Windows Defender Flag

Ultimately what was the Windows Defender theme and why did it take place? The earliest mention of Windows Defender seemed to take place a day previous, when Libertanny joked that The East Pacific was turning defender, shorty before complaining about setting up Windows 10. A connection between these two topics were soon made, with the Windows Defender joke being born.

[spoiler=Mysterious Device]
Libertanny’s arcane viewing device, which he uses to control TEP[/spoiler]

What turned Windows Defender from a throwaway joke in the General channel into a theme for the whole region? In his statement, Libertanny cited the “NSGP rumors” about TEP’s “guilty pleasure.” It would seem the conventional reason would be that Libertanny was shrugging off these rumors by declaring that TEP would turn defender - Windows Defender.

But...something doesn’t add up. Why would Libertanny do this? It’s clearly not very funny. If you look under the announcements at the comments, you get a true representation of feedback, because looking at the comment sections is always a valid method to gauging opinion. You get some less than stellar reviews.

Clearly, Libertanny was paid to do this. Like all the Raid: Shadow Legends commercials, only money could have convinced him to post something as unfunny and meme-worthy as Windows Defender. This thus implies that some higher power has paid off Libertanny to be unfunny. Could it be the Rahls, whose presence has similarly plagued TEP and NSGP with rumors for years? The Illuminati, like we at Inquisitive Examinations illuminated in a previous article?

(Artist’s Rendition: The Conjurer’s Ritual. We at Inquisitive Examinations called Libertanny’s election. :P)

I think it’s more than this. And before you ask what’s higher than the Rahls or the Illuminati, I need only remind you of the world’s richest man. He’s the one running all of this.

Bill Gates.

As taken from WeeKeePeeDeeA

Wait, I hear you saying. Isn’t the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos?

Yes, technically. But it’s all a front, you see, so he’d be less suspicious. And also possibly because it took a lot of money to pay Libertanny off.

Of course it would be Bill Gates who did this. Windows Defender is a thing developed by Microsoft, which -- not a lot of people know this, but -- Bill Gates runs! Well, until a few years ago. But he’s still the person people think of when they think Microsoft and has a lot of money.

People complain that TEP doesn’t take things as seriously. Maybe this is the true reason because they have no reason to while they are being paid off by Bill Gates to advertise Windows.

This is an affront to the broader NationStates community. You can’t have all this handed to you on a silver platter! Yes, you can be in charge of a GCR, yes, you can have a constant influx of new nations and people, yes, you can have a boatload of WA endorsements and influence, and yes, you can have a ridiculous presence in the World Assembly and no one will call you out.

But this is where it ends. We at Inquisitive Examinations have decided to take action. Today, we have filed a subpoena with the East Pacific Conclave in Rillanon, Christie Island. We wish to divulge something very important to the true people of NationStates. The East Pacific will call it leaking. We call it investigative journalism.

We need Libertanny’s tax returns. There is no way that his salary as Minister of Foreign Affairs or even as Delegate of the East Pacific justifies his lavish behavior. Even with the heavy pension that birds get in TEP because they have all the power and influence. We will find the root of all of this, whether it be Bill Gates or the New Pacific Order.

Join us in this noble and valiant fight, for the true people of NationStates. This will be long and grueling, and we will face many trials along the way. Legal challenges in the Conclave are very expensive, and as a newspaper, it is very hard to get funds as print media is dying. That is why we humbly request that you disable AdBlock and donate to Inquisitive Examination’s Patreon here. Your donation would be greatly appreciated.
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