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House Bill 50: Academia de Nocturna Act

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on: August 05, 2020, 09:19:02 am
House Bill 50: Academia de Nocturna Act

Purpose: to establish a knowledge hub known as the "Academia de Nocturna" aiming to join students and associates together to learn cooperatively.

Author/s: Caduceo

Article 1: Establishment

1. Establishes the Academia de Nocturna, known hereinafter as the Academy, defined as a collaborative university and knowledge hub based in the Union of Force.
2. The Academia de Nocturna shall exist within established and constantly maintained pages on a NationStates nation of the same name, to be managed by the Chancellor, the Minister of Internal Affairs, and its original owner, Caduceo.
3. The Academy shall have a separate Discord Server maintained by the Academy Board and select Government Officials to be defined in Article 3, Clause 1.
    3.1. This server shall fall under the rules and guidelines of the main Union Discord Server but may apply additional rules at the discretion of its administrators.
4. The Academy may choose to expand onto Force's off-site Forums in the future at the discretion of the Academy Board.
5. The main Campus of the Academy shall be established and named Emperor Renegalle's Royal Campus of Force, or simply the Royal Campus of Force.
6. Additional Campuses may be established inside States of the Union of Force through the passing of a federal House Bill.

Article 2: The Academy Board

1. Hereby establishes the Academy Board, which shall be the administrative body of the Academy and shall consist of the following members;
    1.1. The Chancellor
    1.2. The Provosts
    1.3. The Deans
    1.4. To an extent, the General Secretaries
2. The Chancellor shall be the Head of the Academy Board and consequently, the Academy in its entirety. It shall hold the powers of appointment, removal, promotion, demotion, and overall management of all the Academy's members and staff, including the Academy Board. Chancellor presides over the process of the creation of new lectures and programs, and is the only individual responsible for officially authorizing the publishment of the final versions of lectures.
    2.1. The Chancellor may request to create, dissolve, rename, rearrange, or change the divisions under any Campus within reason, and the Minister of Internal Affairs shall approve them.
3. Provosts shall be the Heads of each Campus within the Academia de Nocturna's jurisdiction. They report directly to the Chancellor and manage the divisions that exist in their respective Campuses. They may approve the writing and/or development of proposed lectures and programs but not their release.
    3.1 Provosts may make recommendations to the Chancellor at any point in time.
    3.2. The number of Provosts shall not exceed the number of Campuses existing within the Academy.
    3.3. All Provosts shall report directly to the Chancellor and no position equal or higher than it may be established in other Campuses.
4. Deans shall be the ceremonial heads of each division in their respective Campuses. While the presence of a Dean isn't required, they shall be responsible for organizing, discussing, and pushing ideas forward for the development of lectures and programs. Deans are responsible to talk to, and even recruit, Associates who can work with the Academy.
    4.1. The number of Deans may not exceed the number of official divisions inside each and every Campus.
5. General Secretaries shall collectively refer to the Academy's Proofreaders, Fact-checkers, and Editors who work hand in hand with Associates and members of the Board to help produce and finalize lectures and programs. They shall have no administrative say inside the operations of the Board.
6. Any and all members of the Academy Board shall be considered government officials.

Article 3: Oversight

1. The Founder, Prime Minister, and federal Minister of Internal Affairs are the government officials responsible for purely overseeing the operation of the Academy.
    1.1. Appointments and removals made by the Chancellor may be vetoed if two out of the three Government Officials listed above choose to veto such.
    1.2. Territorial Heads of Government and Ministers of Internal Affairs or equivalent shall be advisors to the Officials listed above for the oversight of the Academy.
    1.3. On occasions where any Campus may choose to coordinate with foreigners and allies, the federal Minister of Foreign Affairs shall be included as an extension of the Government Officials overseeing the Academy.
2. The Minister of Internal Affairs shall be responsible for the management and main oversight of the Academy Board and the Academy overall in correspondence to their constitutionally-defined duties.
    2.1. They shall be responsible for the appointment and removal of the Academy Chancellor within reason.
3. The position of "Academy Associate" or simply Associate shall be added to the list of Civil Service positions inside the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
4. Academy Associates may be ranked in a hierarchical manner, in which the ranks may be changed by the Chancellor and approved by the Minister of Internal Affairs.
5. At the passing of this Bill, the Prime Minister shall be required to establish the Academy Board as a Government Department inside the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Article 4: Provisions

1. At the time of this Bill's passing, Caduceo shall be temporarily appointed as Interim Chancellor of the Academy to oversee its establishment and development.
    1.1. He shall, in this position, aim to make the Academy self-sufficient, which will be determined by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Prime Minister, and Founder.
    1.2. In the case in which the Academy reaches said self-sufficiency, he may choose to resign or be re-appointed officially as Chancellor by the Minister of Internal Affairs.
2. At the time of this Bill's passing, three divisions under the main Campus shall already exist, namely;
    2.1. The New Union College;
    2.2. The College of NationStates; and
    2.3. The College of Sciences and Humanities.
    2.4. These divisions are not final and may be changed as defined earlier in this Bill.
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Reply #1 on: August 17, 2020, 08:46:05 am
I hereby sign this Bill

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House Bill 50