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3rd Constitution Of Heart (Current Version) (Work in Progress)

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We the various statesmen of Heart, representing his citizens and their interests hereby come together this day to proclaim this constitution for the purpose of introducing a more active, stable, and democratic form of government within Heart. We hereby proclaim this constitution as a symbol of Heart sovereignty and as a sign of its rightful place as a Commonwealth in its own right.

Article One: General Clauses

Section 1:
1.  The government of Heart shall primarily be beholden to its citizens and as such, members of the government must take an oath to both the Lord Proprietor, Peoples of Heart, and the Constitution of Heart.
2. The government of Heart shall be subject to federal laws as prescribed by the constitution of the Union of Force.
Section 2:
1. The language spoken for government matters, commerce, and all other affairs of Heart shall be English in either American or British form.  Scottish Gaelic shall be considered a minority language within Heart.
Section 3:
1. Heart shall be officially known as the “Commonwealth of Heart” and the “State of Heart”.  The short name of the Commonwealth of Heart shall be “Heart”.
2.  A citizen of Heart shall be formally known as a Heartizen or informally referred to as a Planter in all legal texts and documents.

Section 4:
1. The commonwealth’s anthem shall be Hearts Wha Hae and Planter's Dixie.

Article Two: The Lord of Heart

Section 1:
1.  The Head of State of Heart and ceremonial leader of Heart shall be the Lord Proprietor of Heart. The official long title of the Lord Proprietor shall be: His(/Her/Their) Excellence the Most Righteous Lord(/Lady) Proprietor of the Commonwealth of Heart. They may also be referred to as the Lord(/Lady) Proprietor.

Section 2:
1. The Founder of the Union of Force shall assume the title of Lord Proprietor of Heart. The Lord Proprietor shall be a lifelong position lest the Lord Proprietor resigns or abdicate.

Section 3:
1. The Lord Proprietor shall have the following powers:
2. Swear in all officials of the Heart government.
3. Assume their duties as Founder of the Union, which are prescribed within Federal law.
4.  Veto amendments to the Heart constitution.
5. Overseeing all commonwealth elections
   a.  The government of Heart shall conduct voting and candidacy registration shall be conducted through simple declarations for office either on the official discord or on the onsite regional message board.

Article Three: The Government of Heart

Section 1:
1. The Government shall be composed of the following aspects:
2. The First Minister and His Excellency’s Government
3. The Leader of the Opposition and His Excellency’s Loyal Opposition
4. The Chamber of Assembled Delegates.

Section 2:
1. Heart shall use a parliamentary form of government. The First Minister shall be the leader of the largest party or largest parliamentary grouping of whoever can form a government and the leader of said party or grouping shall be asked to form a government by the Lord Proprietor. The number of seats in the Chamber shall be three and another one added for every 5 World Assembly Nations.

Section 3:
1. Any citizen of Heart who has been a citizen for over two weeks may run as a candidate for the Chamber of Assembled Delegates.
2. The Chamber of Assembled Delegates shall be elected every four months and shall have a candidacy period of 3 days and a voting period of 2 days. Elections shall start on the 4th of October, February, and June unless a snap election is called in which the nearest election after a snap election will be skipped.
3. Elections for the Chamber shall occur using an approval method in which voters shall rank against each chamber candidate aye or nay. The candidates with more ayes than nays shall be elected. If there are more elected candidates than seats then the candidate with the most amount of nays shall be eliminated and this process shall continue until all seats are filled.
4. Once all of the votes have been tallied and the members elected the process to form a government shall begin, as follows:
   a. Should one party have an outright majority the Lord Proprietor shall ask them to form a government.
   b. Should no party have a majority the incumbent senior governing party shall have the first chance to form a parliamentary grouping with a majority.
   c. Should the governing party fail the largest non-senior governing party shall be given the second chance to form a parliamentary grouping.
   d. This process will continue with each party until a majority is formed, should no party be able to form a majority a direct election between the two largest party leaders shall take place.
   e. Upon a candidate winning that election they shall be given the number of list seats needed to accumulate to a majority, until the next election.
   f.  Said party or grouping shall then form a government.
5. Any ties in the electoral system shall be broken by a recorded coin flip by the Lord Proprietor.

Section 4:
1. The First Minister shall have the following powers and responsibilities:
   a. Lead the day to day affairs of the government;
   b. Create and dissolve ministries and other executive departments;
   c. Appoint and dismiss ministers, other members of the Cabinet, and executive officials
   d. The First Minister shall have the power to create cabinet functions, and as such demand of the Ministers shall carry out a specific policy;
   e. The First Minister shall have the power to call for snap elections within the Chamber of Assembled Delegates;
   f.  The First Minister shall have the responsibility to break ties, should one arise, in the process to select a Lords Speaker of the Chamber;
   g. The First Minister, alongside all of the Delegates, shall have the power to propose legislation to the Chamber.
   h. The First Minister shall be the primary representative to the Union and abroad on behalf of Heart.

Section 6:
1. The Leader of the Opposition shall be the leader of the largest non-governing party. The Leader of the Opposition and various other Opposition Delegates shall have the duty to keep the government accountable.

Section 7:
1. To be First Minister one must meet the following requirements: a. Be asked by the Lord Proprietor to form a government;
   a. Be a citizen of Heart for over four weeks;
   b. Not be the leader of any other regions within the Union, unless they are a Heart native.
   c. To become Leader of the Opposition an individual must have the same requirements as that of the First Minister but instead the First Minister must ask them to form an opposition.

Article Four: The Lord’s Court & Law Enforcement Section

Article Five: General Clauses

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