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Appointment of MoFA and Appointment of Advisor


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on: August 27, 2020, 06:25:52 am
Appointment of MoFA
Appointment of Advisor


          As per the recent announcement from Sir Lashnakia, he has prompted to resign from his post as Minister of Foreign Affairs to understandably focus more on school. We followed up by opening Applications for his replacement - and after a slight bit of talking we have selected one of (and the most legitimate) applicant.

          I am proud to appoint Oimatsu (nation inside Force known as "Oimatsu Puppet") as our new Minister of Foreign Affairs! I hope to work well with them in the future as they have had experience in other regions and are willing to take up the responsibilities. I wish you good luck in serving the people of the Union.

          Additionally, Sir Lashnakia has been serving this government for such a long time and we simply cannot ignore his amazing contributions. Thus, I'm proud to announce that Sir Lashnakia will continue serving the government as an Advisor to the Prime Minister, alongside Texas, to further serve in the administration even to a passive extent. My grandest congratulations to the both of you!

Effective immediately, as signed and stamped;