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on: August 30, 2020, 03:37:52 pm
House Bill X: House Revisal Act

Purpose: To make House repeals and edits to existing laws more efficient and reduce the chances of conflicting law.

Article 1: House Bill Revising Procedure
1. The House may repeal and pass a revised version of the bill during the same vote.
1.1. If the revised version of the bill passes the constitutional minimum of 50% the previous version of the bill is made null by the vote to pass the revised version.
2. The Speaker of the House exercises the sole right during House voting to not adhere to the clarifications set by clause 1.1. of this bill.
2.1. For any reason chosen by the Speaker, clause 1.1. will not apply to a vote if explicitly stated prior to voting.
2.2. If no statements were made prior to voting is it assumed by law the previous bill will become nulled once and if the revised version is passed by the House and approved into law.

Article 2: House Bill Editing Procedure
1. Any individual may propose an edit to an existing House Bill.
1.1. House Bill Edits, like a law, may pass with a 50% vote from the House of Representatives.
1.2. House Bill Edits shall be formatted as indicated in Article 3 of this bill.
2. Edits given to bills may only apply to the idea of the bill and may not majorly restructure or change the purpose previous bill.
2.1. Any House passed edits to a bill is subjected to Article F, Clause 11, of the Force Constitution on it's legality.

Article 3: House Bill Editing Format
1. Any added text to a House Bill through an edit must be boldened characters.
2. Any removed text to a House Bill through an edit must be strikethrough characters.
3. After the edit has passed voting, the Speaker of the House, The Founder, or the writer of the bill may remove these bolded and strikethorugh characters and properly format the edit.
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