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on: October 21, 2020, 02:13:56 am
General Club Rules and Guidelines

1. All citizens may create clubs by forming topics in this sub-forum for them.

2. Club topics must specify the leader of the club (if there is one) and whether the club is open to everyone or if people must be accepted into it. If the latter is the case, the topic must designate specific people who can accept new people into the club.

3. All clubs created must be in line with NationStates Terms of Service. No club shall be formed, for the purpose of or as part of its ideology, discrimination against anyone on the basis of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, or similar. All of these fall under Constitutional provisions allowing for the moderation of harassment, flaming, and complying with the terms of service of different platforms we use.

4. If all of a club's members no longer hold citizenship, the club shall be closed.

Official Club Status

1. All clubs, upon their initial creation, shall be considered unofficial. Clubs which receive official status shall be eligible for special perks, such as a Discord channel on the main server and the ability to get shout-outs in regional telegrams or other official mediums.

2. To receive official club status, a club must fulfill certain requirements. These shall be:

a. Membership - all official clubs must have at least 4 members and rosters of their members in their club threads.
b. Uniqueness - to receive official status, a club must be unique in a significant way from existing clubs.
c. No cults of personality - a club centered around a member(s) of the Union or its Discords shall not be eligible for official status.

3. In order to retain official club status, a club must fulfill additional requirements. These shall be:

a. Activity - in order to retain the status of 'official', a club must see at least 5 messages a week each from at least 3 different members.
b. Membership - official clubs must see net positive growth over the course of a month from their first recognition as an official club in order to retain official status. After this period, in order to retain their status, they must not drop below 4 members. All official clubs must additionally maintain up to date membership rosters in their club threads.
c. Follow the rules - if a particular club gets involved in a large number of rule violations, server rules or terms of service ones, their official status shall be revoked.

4. If a club loses official status for all reasons except 3c, they may regain it by getting 2 more members to join the club (above what they had prior to losing official status) and then be subject to status retention rules.

a. If a club loses its official status due to a violation of rule 3c and wishes to regain official status, it must petition the Minister of Culture or equivalent.

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