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Caduceo's End-Of-Term Speech, Nov. 11

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on: November 11, 2020, 11:36:45 am
          Good morning, afternoon, or evening to all you beautiful people out there. This is your outgoing Prime Minister Caduceo, here to make a few remarks for the end of my term. Bear in mind that this might be a little long so I've divided it into a couple of sections. Hopefully, you'll consider reading most of them, as I also go over some of the most talked-about issues you might've had with me during this term.

Campaign Promises

     During my campaign around four months ago, I made five main promises to you all if I was to be elected in office. I had the honor and privilege of being selected as your Prime Minister, so of course I had to carry out the promises I made to all of you. Here's each of them below and what we did to make it happen. (If you want to see the original dispatch, here it is)

  • Inclusitivity on-site:  I think we've done such amazing stuff in maintaining activity on-site, especially on our RMB. While it's certainly no RGBN, we've had a bunch of activity on the RMB since four months ago. We've added 52 new pages of RMB mesages, nearly 1,300 messages in total! In addition to that, we've seen more Citizens participate on the RMB exclusively, such as Holy Alerose, ThePerfectSociety, Greater greekbeak, Soceneia, and a couple others you might've seen here and there on the RMB, thanks to the continuation of things such as the RMB questions, the welcome messages, and many other conversations we've had on there. Besides the activity there, I promised "full utilisation of Telegrams and Dispatches", which I believe we've made efforts towards, as we've added two new informative government dispatches - the World Assembly Dispatch and Civil Service Dispatch, which we now use commonly in welcoming people on board. Not to mention the Academia de Nocturna, which we'll talk about more later.
  • Organization, accessibility, and aesthetics: This goes hand-in-hand with the dispatches I mentioned above, as I wanted a more organized and beautiful Union. In addition to creating informative and accessible dispatches, we've continued organizing the Directory, making the World Factbook Entry more expanded and organized, and of course, the Academia project.
  • Academia de Nocturna Project: perhaps the largest project of my entire term, the Academia de Nocturna Project sought to establish a Union university accessible by Citizens - and non-citizens - on the platform. This was officially released this month with over a dozen of the first lectures published, some of the most extremely important ones, which included Voting Guides, Recruitment Guides, Introductions to Law, and a couple others! This large project is one of the ones I'm most proud of and hopefully, it continues to be in use for the generations of citizens to come. We've greatly made the service accessible, including it in important documents such as the Welcome Telegram, Directory, and even potentially the Recruitment Telegram. If you want to access the Academy or even write for it, learn more here. I hope to continue working in the Academy even after my term.
  • Games, events, and the Community: now this one, unfortunately, is a half-and-half. On one side, we've seen some great events this term come from the Culture ministry. On the other, the Ministry's performance hasn't been as good as it could've be, and I take blame on that. I'll talk about it more later in my "Government Performance" section, but I know I could've helped to have done more. I underestimated how much time in a day I had, and that lead to difficulties in me assisting certain Ministries.
  • Power to the territories: finally, a promise I couldn't completely fulfill due to the High Commission's existence. I wrote my campaign promises before the High Comm went into action, which is a recently-formed government branch lead by Salibaic to coordinate inter-Union matters with the Capital. The responsibility of helping oversee and assist Territories was taken out of Cabinet's hands and into the High Comm's. This lead to us barely being able to actually help change the Territories due to the defensive position of the High Comm on its responsibilities, which lead to things such as the IA vs. HC trial. So unfortunately, due to those circumstances, my administration wasn't able to connect with Territories, but I made a promise I will continue to fulfill as a House representative, even after my term.

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Reply #1 on: November 11, 2020, 11:37:06 am

          One of the biggest issues challenged by the administration was population, as we saw a distinct stagnation in our population, which remained at ~150 nations for most of my term. At the time of this speech's writing, we have defeated that stagnation as we are seeing a steady increase in the population, as we've risen above the 160 mark, with around 162 nations right now. This number will steadily increase if we continue the efforts we put into this issue.

          Before anything, I really have to thank Krovx, Bertilistan, and Oimatsu for helping me with manual recruitment. We couldn't have tackled this issue without their help. With all four of us combined, it's safe to say we sent more than 25,000 telegrams in those four months -  maybe even thirty thousand! This quiet victory couldn't have been done without them.

          A big reason for this stagnation is simply natural phenomenon across NS, however, a couple of people don't believe me and think I'm making excuses, despite the fact I've heavily advocated and involved myself in tackling this issue. Last month, I interviewed three Heads of Government - from FNR, UDS, and Thaecia - all of which have embassies to Force. I asked them about the issue, and here's they said about it:
Free Nations Region

PRESIDENT OF FNR: The population numbers [of FNR] are mostly stagnating, while number of WA nations is raising very slowly, albeit steadily.

     That's good to hear, we at Force have a similar stagnation but every now and then it slowly declines. Do you have any advice to help fight against this?

put a lot of effort into manual recruitment & retention - being friendly and open community is very important, as is swiftly dealing with any spammers, catfishers and so on, any OOC troubles need to be solved very quickly. That is something I often see as inadequate in some regions. Immediately making contact with new recruits - inviting them to Discord or cultural events, being available as "living helpdesk" and communicating on RMB is paramount. We are also strong in recruitment at all times, not only at times when NS population spikes, which helps us stay stable long-term.

     How was FNR's population after the Drewpocalypse?

We did get a very high boost, and did actually manage to gain some stable, very active members out of it, but most of the population we received is gone by now; the spike, as we expected, did not last at all, and was only temporary
Union of Democratic States

     First off, we at Force are experiencing a major population stagnation, where our population won't increase despite government efforts and will slightly decline every now and then. May I ask if UDS is experiencing something similar?

PRESIDENT OF UDS: The UDS has experienced similar, actually we're currently in a downwards trend despite recruitment efforts. One has to think when this occurs, if its a game-wide occurrence or if you just aren't doing enough for you region, the process of figuring that out can be irritating, because you can't necessarily tell who is actively recruiting. You can get clues from making puppets or even refounding puppets, but typically only a small ideal of it.

     Very relatable, I feel the same way as the PM. I think the summer lull was worsened with the horrible conditions the world is currently in. How was UDS's population after the Drewpocalypse?

Extremely high but obviously only lasted for so long. I've had the absolute honor of working with a great team in getting telegrams sent out, accepting those who desired citizen, etc. However, like I said earlier, it only lasted so long. Our retention I feel was luckily at the start, but 3 months after or so, we begin to really see who stayed and was unique players and those who made a ton of puppets. Obviously I can't confirm if it was a majority of puppets, but we definitely saw something fishy in our trends when we were actively looking at statistics.

     I see, now for perhaps my last question, since we're both experiencing similar problems in stagnancy, what do you think is the best way to try and curb this?

Hm, that's a hard question. I'd say our best effort in curbing this is to just keep trying to do what we do now. I'm not completely aware of Force's recruitment policies but I believe the next term President for the UDS will be needing to work on manual recruitment, which maybe something that Force should look into. Asides from that, the grind of NationStates I feel is a grind of rinse and repeat. Changing recruitment telegrams, etc.

First off, we at Force are having a population instability, where our population won't increase and sometimes slowly declines. Looking at Thaecia's History page, it seems it experienced something similar but has now started to curb that decline. May I ask how Thaecia has done that?

PM OF THAECIA: Thaecia takes initiative to curb these declines by promoting various forms of recruitment programs

Currently our recruitment is rewarding manual recruiters with roles in the server and same goes for stamp donaters

Our recruitment is headed by our Founder Andusre and President The Marconian State under the Home Affairs Ministry

     I see, and all your efforts are working it seems ^-^ Do you have any advice for us or other regions who are experiencing population stagnations?

My best advice would be to raise the issue with your region and have a discussion on who to target and who will do the recruitment and who will be accountable

Also be prepared to face unrewarding times with little to no recruits joining and don't let it discourage you

     Thank you so much, that's very insightful information. May I also ask, how was Thaecia's population after the Drewpocalypse?

The drewpocalypse saw a huge decline in every region who recruited
We peaked at 450 nations I believe yet fell almost 200. I can imagine the devastation in other regions who enjoyed even greater drewbie numbers than we did

          To further support these claims, below are the population graphs of each region I had the honor of interviewing, as well as a couple other regions we have embassies to.

And for comparison, here is Force's population chart:
Not much difference is there?

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Reply #2 on: November 11, 2020, 11:37:18 am
Government Performance

          Perhaps one of the largest faults of my administration was a relatively less-than-average government performance, and I'm not afraid to admit that. This was mostly due to personal reasons that got in the way of me fully leading Cabinet and holding meetings, such as my extremely inconvenient timezone, an inconvenient privacy situation at home, and other circumstances. I was also way too lenient on many of my peers, and I duly apologize. Nonetheless, we've achieved a handful of things this term I'd like to discuss briefly.

As mentioned earlier, Culture was underperforming massively this term, with some exceptions coming in the form of Loomburg's and Diabeetus's tenures, in which they both brought back the classic Culture taste. While not many large projects occured in Culture, it had several smaller community-engaging ones which I'm definitely proud of.

Communications has been doing its normal day-to-day, and once again, Azy has shown his exceptional ability to fill the Flyer with content, many of which written by him. There's not much to say but I appreciate his service.

Internal Affairs has done amazing this term, and while it has been quiet every now and then, they've achieved quite alot during the entirety of the term. Besides the Academia de Nocturna project and the multiple Manual Recruiters they've employed, something that hasn't happened for a long time in Force history, they also helped organize and create the Civil Service and WA Dispatch, as well as help rearrange the Welcome and Recruitment Telegrams. A wonderful job worthy of praise.

Now, perhaps the most overperforming Ministry during my term, Foreign Affairs. Under both Lash and Oim, FA has been one of the more consistently active and cooperative Ministries. Besides the employment of a whole lot of Civil Servants, the Ministry has opened ALOT more embassies with other regions, including Enadia, Lisseum, and KoGB. Alot of plans and treaties were also organized during the entirety of the term, including a Treaty with FNR, UDTO, and the Treaty of Notting Hill. Not to mention the multiple Interregional events we were invited to during this term, like the Consortium, Late Nite Fest, and the Liberty Gala. Overall, an extremely amazing job and deserves the highest praise.

I'd also like to take this moment to give a shoutout to our friends from CAD, welcome to the family, I hope you enjoy the company ;)

We may not have been the best Cabinet, but you were my dear Cabinet and you achieved many of the things you sought out to achieve. Thank you for giving me a chance as your Prime Minister.