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Constitution of Canterbury


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on: November 13, 2020, 04:50:57 pm
Constitution of the State of Canterbury

Preamble: For the purposes of establishing a stable and lawful government, the people of the State of Canterbury do hereby establish this Constitution.

Section 1: Citizenship
I. All residents of Canterbury hold citizenship and thus the right to vote and run in all elections.
II. No citizen shall be denied these rights for any reason. Any official who attempts to deny them these rights shall be liable for
    malfeasance in a court of law.

Section 2: Local Officials
I. The Grand Vizier shall be the leader of the Government of Canterbury. They shall be tasked with leading the region, ensuring its
   activity, recruiting new members, and ensuring its effective representation on a federal level.
   A. The Grand Vizier may appoint Viziers to help them in carrying out their duties.
      1. To assume the title of Vizier, they must be members of the Femoral Council. If they are not, they shall assume the title of
II. The Viceroy shall be the Unionís Representative to the State. They shall hold all powers and duties as granted to them by the
    Constitution of the Union.
III. The Femoral Council shall be an elected council of representatives, who shall be granted the powers to pass and repeal legislation,
     impeach provincial officials for abuse of power or incompetence, and elect from among themselves a Grand Vizier. No legislation they
     pass may contradict this Constitution or any federal legislation.
   A. At any time, as long as it is at least two weeks before the next scheduled election, the Femoral Council may vote to hold an
      emergency election to fill vacant council seats.

Section 3: Elections
I. Elections to the Femoral Council shall be held on the first of January, March, May, July, September, and November.
II. Each candidate must specify their nation, and their local political party affiliation or specify that they are an independent if that
    is the case.
III. Elections shall consist of two stages: announcing candidacy and voting.
   A. There shall be a two day period for announcing candidacy. There shall be a specified place, accessible to all citizens, for doing
   B. This shall be followed by a four day period for voting. Citizens shall vote first for a preferred candidate, then for a preferred
      political party.
IV. The Femoral Council shall consist of a minimum of three seats up for election. This number shall increase by one for every 5 nations
    that the region gains.
   A. If there are less candidates than seats available, voters shall be allowed to vote for as many candidates as they wish.
   B. If there are more candidates than seats available, voters shall be restricted to voting for as many candidates as there are seats
      available. In that situation, voters shall also be asked for their preferred political party. The two parties with the highest vote
      share shall each be allowed to appoint up to one additional person to the council for every 5% of the vote they receive over 20%.

Section 4: Temporary Procedures
I. While this Stateís institutions are being created and law established, this Constitution may be amended at any time.
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