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on: January 04, 2019, 06:18:23 pm
Official RP Registration

By registering for the Official RP Community: you will have access to a far more accurate and realistic RPing community, access to our special tool that calculates statistics such as GDP and population daily, and access to moderation that will oversee important things like annexations and wars to ensure that nations play fairly.

Before applying, make sure that you have a spot on the map, or else your application will be denied.

You may apply to join by replying to this thread with your application. Make sure that all statistics and data within your application are within reasonable bounds. In your application please include the following:

Nation Name:
Type of Government:
Estimated Population:
History Description:
Politics Description:
Policies Description:
Current Conflicts (if any):
Main Exports:
Natural Resources:
Number of Cities over 100,000 people:

Example Application:

Nation Name: Testlandia
Type of Government: Federal, Democracy
Estimated Population: 15 million
History Description: Testlandia was first inhabited in the 7th century by monks fleeing persecution in Bigtopia. Since then, they've been colonized by 3 empires, finally gaining their independence in 1506. A monarchy was established for a brief time from 1712-1786, but didn't have any major impact on the culture or society. After the monarchy, it reverted to a constitutional monarchy; finally becoming a republic in 1891. A coup took place in 1939, lasting until 1950 when the dictator was assassinated and democracy was restored.
Politics Description: There are 2 main political parties in Testlandia; the Demomats and the Republilans. Currently, the Republilans are in power, however this is only their 5th term in 68 years.
Policies Description: The government has made abortion and homosexuality illegal, although there is growing opposition to these moves. Freedom of speech is enshrined in the Constitution and the right to bear arms is considered essential. The government has privatized prisons and it is easy to get out of a sentences by paying.
Current Conflicts (if any): Testlandia is at war with Bigtopia and Smalltopia.
Main Exports: Textiles, IT, Books, and Grain.
Natural Resources: Natural Gas, Coal, Iron, Uranium, and Clay.
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 6

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Reply #1 on: January 04, 2019, 07:47:50 pm
Because of the forum transfer, many posts were lost, including this thread and the posts on it.

Renegalle (me), Sword BJ, Salibaic, and the Empire of Elysium are all current members of the Official RP Community and do not need to re-apply as their statistics have already been calculated.

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Reply #2 on: January 04, 2019, 08:47:25 pm
Nation Name: Ambilin
Type of Government: Empire
Estimated Population: 690 million
History Description: Raiders from a country long forgotten founded Ambilin through trading, cheep food exports soon to become a powerful empire slowly being questioned about their laws.
Politics Description: The main elective will be the king. queens and all the other sort can be noted but are not as important. the king will govern representatives that will govern law enforcement that protects the public.
Policies Description: The following prevent unwanted foreigners from causing havoc by requiring passports, identification documents ECT. Only few weapons are owned by the government like automatics, flaim throwers, RPGs',ect. Law requires that citizens do not attempt any type of crime, in baud day or on the inter-webs.
Current Conflicts (if any): None at the moment
Main Exports: vehicles, plant life, food, natural resources, and housing.
Natural Resources: wood 40%. coal 60%. Iron 53%. gold 25%. radioactive items 9%
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 57

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Reply #3 on: January 05, 2019, 12:19:55 pm
Ambilin is accepted into the RP Community.

Your stats were, however, far too unrealistic due to your small geographical area and the average population density of most Force nations. Therefore, they have been adjusted.

Your population is about 60 million.
Your GDP per capita is 31,875.
Your population growth rate is 5%.
Your GDP growth rate is 3.5%.

You may access more detailed statistics at and also adjust your budget there.
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Reply #4 on: January 06, 2019, 12:37:51 am
Nation Name: The Cloudsy of Glacieri
Type of Government: Absolute Monarchy
Estimated Population: 121.3 Million Ponies, (check the population of Japan)
History Description: Glacieri History: The Monarchy
Formation of Glacieri Noble Groups, and the Monarchy's Beginning
Within the small village of Invercargill, which came about as an agricultural town in about 1000AD, wealthy peasants began to gain control over Chief Coralhooves, the leader of the matriarchy at the time, starting to create small scale chiefdoms which resided over smaller villages. The chiefdom court decided at the time to allow them to reign so long as some of their wealth is payed to the court and keeps Chief Coralhooves in power. After some small protests and bickering, the nobles agreed and allowed for the foundation of the Glacieri Monarchy, with Coralhooves as the first queen.
The Beginning of Celestiaism
As prosperity was beginning to arise and the power of the Monarchy was beginning to stabilize, a fringe group outside Invercargill which was angry with the new form of government started a protest which travelled into the city. Stormswirl, a local herbalist, was concerned with the increased rowdiness, and went to the city of Naramount to find guidance by their local chief. Ponsulia, the chief at the time told Stormswirl to go to the Western Mountains to find "the ocean which stands still," so she left and traveled for 4 days into the distant western wilderness. On her journey she approached a magnificent castle, where two Sisters lived, one of white and one of deep purple.
Stormswirl went to the castle to ask where "the ocean which stands still" would be, and the Sister of white replied pointing to the west. She vaguely said, "It's in the direction in which I set the sun, while my sister raises the moon in the east." Immediately curiosity rushed over her and many questions spilled out, but she was told to leave by the two sisters which were annoyed by her presence. Stormswirl journeyed off, in search of "the ocean which stands still," and came across a bay which was devoid of tides and wind. She called to the air, "Why was I sent here?" The wind picked up and the pony spirit of the ocean rose up from the water arose, where she asked Stormswirl for her question. When the pony spirit of the ocean replied with a confused expression, she told Stormswirl that the only way to end the rebellion was for the Monarchy to accommodate their needs.
So Stormswirl said that nobody knew how to accommodate their needs, and that they wanted to go back in time. The pony spirit of the ocean told her to go to to Luna and Celestia, two sisters in a castle which raise the sun and moon. So Stormswirl left, in search for the castle that she had once seen, and upon finding it the two sisters welcomed her in as they had done before. She told them about the dillema of the new Monarchy, and Celestia said that the sun would go dark in 10 days, and that she would keep it dark until they gave up the protest. Stormswirl went home and told the protestors that the sun would be turned off unless they gave up. But they did not believe her. So, on the day that Celestia said had arrived, the sun went dark and the ponies believed her, and stopped protesting, and they all believed in Celestia and Luna.
The Naming of Glacieri
Queen Coralhooves was beginning to get old, and the monarchy had no heirs to the throne, so her three most trusted advisors, Sundash Glaze, Inner Strength, and Aerial Rainboom elected Vanity Rainbow as the leader, and Vanity Rainbow thanked them by naming the country after them, "Glaziaeri."

The Long Continuance of the Monarchy
The Queens and their subsequent Husbands go as follows:
-   Queen Coralhooves - King Hobelstrom (994-1032)
-   Queen Vanity Rainbow - King Western Sky (1032-1056)
-   Queen Jitterheart - King Must (1056-1103)
-   Queen Yeaye - King Andrew (1103-1144)
-   Queen Pine River - King Salton (1144-1198)
-   King Muschini (1198-1255)
-   Queen Flutterbelt - King Underreign (1255-1288)
-   Queen Ice Grips - King Snowbeard (1288-1323)
-   Queen Meyuki Tanra - King Umbridge (1323-1325)
-   Queen Maresnow (1325-1379)
-   Queen Toadskyll - King Shining Armor (1379-1422)
-   Queen Aerial Rainbow - King Ramedus (1422-1436)
-   Queen Aerial II - King Rupert (1436-1454)
-   Queen Celestia - King Starlow (1454-1499)
-   Queen Weathered Stone - King Mosaic (1499-1512)
-   Queen Painted Fur - King Bird (1512-1546)
-   Queen Token - King Walter (1546-1585)
-   Queen Celestia II - King Maggie (1585-1613)
-   Queen Celestia III - King Arawat (1613-1667)
Expansion of the Realm
From the beginning of the monarchy up until the latter half of the 1300s there was very little expansion within the queendom. The Northern Miamay broke apart forming many smaller tribes. A newly powerful military was used to try to unify the nearby tribes into citizenship, mostly unsuccessfully. Much of the tribes began to reunify under the leadership of the Northern Miamay council, which defeated Glaziaeri in a humiliating defeat.
It was only when an agreement which was made by the government with the Northern Miamay Chiefdom that the warring ended. This agreement allowed for the kingdom to expand through the South Island. Thus the kingdom encompassed the south island until 1615, where Queen Celestia III agreed to the political advisory's opinion to unify Glacieri with Mulscavat, the queendom which united the North Island.
Glacieri’s expansion was stagnant after this, but not because of lack of competition. Mulscavat, the queendom which recently had taken over the North Island was continually competing with Glaziaeri, forcing each other into wars over resources and population nearly every half century. By 1615, Queen Celestia (who may have had severe lunacy by some accords) tried to unify Glaziaeri with Mulscavat. After long talks she was unsuccessful, and Mulscavat declared yet another war in 1622. In 1625 Mulscavat sieges Naramount which triggered the Glaziaeri navy into sieging Wellington. The fighting was back and forth but a policy decision by General Raginghooves led to a massive military expansion, leading Glaziaeri to finally complete annexation of Mulscavat.

The Enlightenment
As books written by ponies ended up within Glaziaeri, ponies began to question the lingering force of the monarchy, as well as the place of religion within the society. Literacy rates skyrocketed and universities and schools were built across the nation, especially with the advent of the water powered printing press.
First Crisis of the Monarchy
The quickly developing Celestian Conglomerate, the nationalizing religious and educational institution in Glacieri, began to question the rule of Celestia III, citing that her expansionist ways were not what Glaziaeri needed to rule a faithful, intelligent and peaceful nation. After a large scale following, many Celestian Conglomerites flooded into the city of Naramount and overthrew the local noble rule. After a violent uprising and removal of royal structures, and a complete renaming of the town, now called Lunata, troops from Glaziaeri’s capital were sent, inciting a civil war in 1665. Due to the turmoil and a losing battle, Celestia III stepped down and allowed her daughter to rule, officially ending the war.
Following Monarchical Reforms
The First Constitution of a Unified Glacieri was passed creating a Parliamentary System headed by the Queen, where MoPs would be elected by their local areas. This effectively modernized the name of Glacieri, as well as creating first case of elections within Glacieri, although only mares of wealth and land could vote.
Family Tree Continues
-   Queen Celestia IV - King Antony (1667-1743)
-   Prince Dark Veil (1743-1758)
-   Queen Celestia V - King Macomb (1758-1778)
-   Queen Bella Stardust - King Mason (1778-1809)
-   Queen Cloptoria - King Reynold (1809-1833)
-   Princess Luna (1833-1878)(edited)
Ponies began to settle in to the monarchy once again. As the nation rebuilt after its two long wars, Celestia IV began enacting policies which would entice the economic, cultural, and scientific prowess of Glacieri, making it a location on the map for all ponies and humans to appreciate. But, when Celestia IV died as well as her husband, her son Dark Veil began to take that to a turn forcing the research into military reform. This made Glacieri a very strong military power. Dark Veil also sent envoys to Lutan, which began to draw towards the economic and cultural prowess of Glacieri.
Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution
After Dark Veil died and coal was discovered within the mountains of the South Island and North Island, large scale industrial development based around textile and food processing gave way to major development in today's large cities of Auckland, Wellington, Lunata, and Invercargill. In order to get in on the development, Lutan, the kingdom on the island of Tazmania signed an agreement to formally join Glacieri, creating the United Kingdom of Glacieri, Mulscavat, and Lutan in 1798.(edited)

Industrial Development and the Rise of Luna
Large scale industrial operations were underway by the turn of the century, but these expanded greatly during the latter half of the century during Luna's "Let the Industry Be" decision, which attracted much of the steel working industry into the northern half of the country. Luna also began to create more open tidings between outside human nations, primarily focusing on southern and western Australia, which, under an agreement by the Dutch, was a highly successful campaign to get the most fertile and most resource abundant areas of the country. Luna also advocated for the continuance of democracy.
Luna's Later Years
Ponies praised Luna's accomplishments, especially in outside diplomacy, but by the mid-1870s her failing health caused concerns that the monarchy would fall apart, especially because she had no heirs to the throne. Conservative group Ponies for the Continuance of the Monarchy began raising attention, converting many key military members into the group, and arguing that the end of her reign would be the end of Glacieri as a country.
Second Crisis of the Monarchy
Lasting Hope, a large military leader and member of Ponies for the Continuance for the Monarchy, initiated a large-scale coup d'état which overthrew Luna, who died two months later. Lasting Hope gained power, but also died only three months after taking office in 1880. Quickly the power vaccum was replaced with a fragile democracy which dissolved in 1889.
Glacieri History: Sombra Years
This second power vacuum initiated a large scale revolution in Glacieri. Sombra, an upstart and wealthy pony in Auckland, created a highly successful plan to create a new and extremely powerful government, blaming second class ponies for Glacieri's problems.
Step 1: Gain control of the fragile government
Sombra and his group the Crystal Night used fear tactics to gain members and gain control of the government. By the election of 1885 the Crystal Night Party had gained 40% control of the government, and in 1889 they gained 80% control of the government, Sombra was put in charge overwriting the current system and instilling anti-Mulscavat policies as well as military expansionist policies.
Step 2: Blame the Mulscavats for all problems facing Glacieri
By this point, Mulscavat groups were few and submissive to power. Wide scale fear of their "unmodern" ways was rampant and Sombra fed on these fears citing that their "backwards ways were the bane of the Glacieritian ponies.” He used the military to build large scale execution camps on the North Island, completely wiping Mulsavats from Glacieri.
Step 3: Expand Glacieri's borders and prove that Glacieri is a world power
Glacieri began expanding into three primary colonies with relative ease, absorbing present day Arcticani, Gwynns Falls, and West Gwynn

Step 4: Unify the ponies into one consolidated rule under Sombra
Sombra as a final act wrote a constitution that put him and his predecessors in charge, effectively making him king. This is the first and only patriarcical system Glacieri has ever had. Sombra rapidly militarized and declared war on all pony nations, quickly wiping them out and turning them to resource production zones to fuel his war machine. When human intervention began, he used these newfound pony and natural resources to overrun opposition on all continents. His war plan was nearly successful, but he died of a sudden stroke. Large controversy began over the next ruler, as his son Trathsava was ousted from princedom by Sombra for speaking against his rule, but eventually it was decided by Sombra’s council of warlords that he be put in charge. Trathsava subsequently fired all his father’s staff.
Final Family Tree
-   King Sombra (1889-1915)
-   King Trathsava (1915-1945)
Glacieri History: Trathsava and the Cloudsy Covenant
King Trathsava was most noted for ending the war in which his father created. His first task was to give back the lands to the formerly Pony and human nations, and rebuild an era of peace which was desperately needed throughout the world. He is noted for writing the Cloudsy Covenant as well, which was written to create a democratic government after his death. When Trathsava died in 1945, the first election in the nation was held, won by Ponychair Sandbar.
List of Elected Leaders from the Cloudsy Covenant:
-   (1945-1948) Ponychair Sandbar
-   (1948-1954) Ponychair Rarity
-   (1954-1957) Ponychair Seneca
-   (1957-1966) Ponychair Gorgo
-   (1966-1969) Ponychair Lupin
-   (1969-1978) Ponychair Lockhart
-   (1978-1981) Ponychair Juniper
-   (1981-1987) Ponychair MacBeth
-   (1987-1993) Ponychair Poppyseed
-   (1993-1996) Ponychair Korrup
-   (1996-2000) Ponychair Close
Life in the Cloudsy Covenant
During the beginning of the Cloudsy Covenant, most countries were unforgiving of the war crimes committed by the previous pony governments. This newfound time of peace helped fix the nation’s relationships, as well as rebuild industrial districts and productivity. Much music, art, clothing, and entertainment was created, where many historians call this the golden age of Glacierian culture. Wealth in the nation nearly tripled, and the country became a major player in trying to end world violence.

The Failure of the First Constitution
Discontent with the leadership and how they are elected to power was sweeping the nation, and political divides were stronger than ever, small scale protests during Ponychair Close’s leadership was turned to wide scale riots when she was “re-elected,” though only 5% of the population voted. Ponies got together to rewrite the constitution, creating the Cloudsy II.
Period Without a Leader
(2000-2002) The Anarchies of Glacieri
Reinstallation of Power
After scrambling of what was left of the government to ratify the constitution, the Cloudsy II as it was called, and the quashing of power-hungry radical groups, the first election was held in 2002. Only a small population voted, but Cloudsy Jaquarta was extremely popular and restabilized the government.
List of Elected Leaders in the Cloudsy II
-   (2002-2006) Cloudsy Jaquarta
-   (2006-2012) Cloudsy Halfshood
-   (2012-2018) Cloudsy Macabre
-   (2018-2024) Cloudsy Salina

Politics Description: The Cloudsy Covenant is the constitution of the Cloudsy of Glacieri, a democratic and conventional house based government. Near total freedoms to the ponies, press, religious tolerance, and
Policies Description:
Current Conflicts (if any):
Main Exports: Gems, clothes, timber, iron, coal
Main Imports: Food
Natural Resources: Lots of forest and mountain resources as the Reforestation Act of 1587 has made large natural areas across Glacieri.
Cities over 1,000,000 ponies:
-Invercargill, 8.475 million
-Auckland, 16.575 million
-Wellington, 13.65 million
-Lunata, 3.825 million

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Reply #5 on: January 06, 2019, 11:25:33 pm
Glacieri is accepted into the RP Community.

Your stats were a bit too large for your spot on the map so they were modified.

Your population is about 80 million.
Your GDP per capita is 15,000.
Your population growth rate is 3%.
Your GDP growth rate is 4%.

You may access more detailed statistics at and also adjust your budget there.
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Libertatis Regalis

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Reply #6 on: January 14, 2019, 01:12:34 pm
Nation Name: Libertatis Regalis   
Type of Government: Federal Republic
Estimated Population: 85 Million
History Description: Relatively young country founded in 1884. Like-minded settlers from various regions joined together in hopes for a better life free from the oppressive laws of other nations.
Politics Description: President that shares power with a legislative body.
Policies Description: Socially progressive nation that values education and healthcare.
Current Conflicts (if any): None
Main Exports: Cheese, beef, semiconductors, and IT
Natural Resources: Oil, natural gas, uranium, bauxite, iron, and coal
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 5

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Reply #7 on: January 14, 2019, 09:00:22 pm
Libertatis Regalis is accepted into the RP Community.

Your stats were modified as they were a bit too big, considering the size of your plot.

Your population is 73.5 million.
Your GDP per capita is 42,500.
Your population growth rate is 3.5%.
Your GDP growth rate is 4%.

You may access more detailed statistics at and also adjust your budget there.

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Reply #8 on: January 17, 2019, 07:36:16 am

Nation Name: Vanguard Reich
Type of Government: Empire, Emperor (with the title of Kaiser) has unlimited power, he also has a council of advisors he can call.

Estimated Population: currently 6 millions, still growing.

History Description: During the time of great political crysis, while the nation of Great Lechita Empire was divided, the red menace of communism was rising over the unstable country. It had huge trouble with infighting and riots, caused by multi ethnic society. The Empire was also threatened by outside powers, it was on the brink of collapse. One of the proved military officers, Grand Field Marshall Morte decided to stop this madness and save the country. He spread his ideology, that he called Natioloyalism around the country. He quickly gained the support of large majority of the citizens and the military. When the civil war ended, the Natioloyalists emerged victorious and the Grand Field Marshall proclaimed the founding of the Vanguard Reich. New Ruler quickly got rid of ethnic minorities and enslaved those who opposed him and his followers during the civil war.

Politics Description: Vanguard Reich had a strong expansionist policy in the past, while now it tries to exist by the phrase "We don't want to put anyone into shadows, but we also claim our place in the sun". It is hostile towards other races altought avoids full scale war, unless Kaiser deems it good for the nation.

Policies Description: Glorifies the military, encourages people to join it, while also having a wide mandatory conscription. Vangaurd Reich uses race segregation and sees other races or nations as less important or inferior to its true citizens. It is illegal to worship any religion except one that was in the nation since its founding. Vanguard Reich promotes nationalism and maintains weekly executions of those who opposed the law or the nation itself. The citizens of Vanguard Reich are forced to have children, if they are able to, to let the nation preserve as it is believed that large population equals strong nation. Goverment fights the degeneracy by strict laws but it also rewards the decent citizens, for example, the goverment provides the minimum required for life (including homes and jobs) for those who work, while also enslaving those who don't want to work. Vanguard Reich promotes justice over all, and its ruler, the Kaiser has strict control over the goverment in order to make sure that corruption is non-existant. National ideology is known as Natioloyalism, and was created by the nation's founder, the beloved Kaiser Morte.

Current Conflicts (if any): none

Main Exports: Uranium, Woodchip and Informative Technology.

Natural Resources: Uranium

Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 2

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Reply #9 on: January 17, 2019, 02:44:10 pm
Nation Name: Australessia
Type of Government: Kingdom (Monarchy)
Estimated Population: 49 million
History Description: Australessia was colonized in 1499 by the Spench Empire and later by the Englus and Joyausean too. Then a idependentist movement started in Auckal and expanded to Sidney, and finally they got their idependence in 1632. Australessia becomed a Kingdom in 1964.
Politics Description: There are 2 main parties in Australessia: Federals and Monarchs, currently, the Monarchs are in the power meanwhile the Federals plans to get the power soon
Policies Description: The goverment gives to his people a good healthcare and education, and tries to give a better life to the poor people.
Current Conflicts (if any): None
Main Exports: Food, Books and TV Shows
Natural Resources: Oil, Coal and Uranium
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 6
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Australessia (G. Latinoamerica)

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Reply #10 on: January 18, 2019, 09:36:50 am
Nation Name: Auserania
Type of Government: Federation
Estimated Population: 36 million
History Description: The land Auserania sits on was home to lots of different tribes, before one of the tribes, the Ausoners, defeated all the others (please note- these tribes were isolated from the other parts of the world). Around that time, about 1412, first contact was made with other civilizations. They decided to become a monarchy modelled after the others in the outside world, this monarchy was reigning from 1434 till 1852, when it was overthrown by a more democratic, constitutional monarchy government. That was overthrown in 1931 by a communist coup, which would stay in power till 1953 and industrialized the country. After that, the federation system was adopted.
Politics Description: 8 main parties, each province gets five representatives.
Policies Description: People must serve a time in the military, each citizen above 18 may vote, more coming soon probably
Current Conflicts (if any): none
Main Exports: vehicles, wood products, lithium
Natural Resources: iron (steel), coal, timber, lithium, lots of forest
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 5

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Reply #11 on: January 18, 2019, 02:47:29 pm
Nation Name: Lashnakia
Type of Government: Democratic States
Estimated Population: 80 million
History Description:
Lashnakia is a young nation born in May 2018, with a thriving economy, under a Conservative Government and a Conservative majority Parliament.
Politics Description: There are currently 7 parties who have seats in parliament:
Conservative Party hold 376 seats. (Blue)

Labour Party hold 174 seats. (Red)

Liberal Democratic Party hold 45 seats. (Bright Yellow)

Libertarian Party hold 28 seats. (Light-Dark Yellow alongside LDP)

Environmentalist Party hold 11 seats. (Green)

Populist Party hold 9 seats. (Light Brown, Second from end)

Unionist Party hold 7 seats. (Darker brown, very end)

Policies Description: Citizens can vote at 18, heavy focus on healthcare, education and military development.
Current Conflicts (if any): Not yet.
Main Exports: Electrical Machinery, Aircraft, Medicinal products,
Natural Resources: Uranium, Iron, Bauxite, lithium, Coal.
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 4

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Reply #12 on: January 18, 2019, 08:11:27 pm
VanguardReich is accepted into the RP Community.

Your population is 6 million.
Your GDP per capita is 5,000.
Your population growth rate is 5.5%.
Your GDP growth rate is 5%.

You may access more detailed statistics at and also adjust your budget there.

Lashnakia is accepted into the RP Community.

Your population is 84 million.
Your GDP per capita is 26,600.
Your population growth rate is 4%.
Your GDP growth rate is 4%.

You may access more detailed statistics at and also adjust your budget there.

Great Latinoamerica's application is rejected as they are not on the map.
Falklanborg's application is rejected as the nation they specified is neither in Force nor on the map.
Western Chosetus's application is rejected as they are not on the map.
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Reply #13 on: January 19, 2019, 04:07:33 am
Nation Name: Warszawa I Slavia

Type of Government: Empire

Estimated Population: 7 million

History Description: At first, all of the Slavic nations where independent, weak and had corrupt and terrible governments.
That all changed when a young Polish man called "Iwan" discovered his royal ancestry. He sought to unite the weak Slavic nations and a great war unleashed upon the Slavic countries and Iwan had the support from the Polish, Lithinan, Ungarian and Yugranic nations. At first they where badly bloodied and almost lost the war, but an event occured on the last stand (11.11.1436) from Iwan and his supporters wich we call "The Great Intervention of Perun" in wich a great Tempest cut off the enemy pursuance and Iwan and his army went over the Góra mountains into their capital where they would regroup and amass all their strength for the final march into victory.
"The uprising in the White City" is the day where Iwan reached the capital of the traitoruos Slavs wich stood against the unification of the Slavic nations, the Slavs loyal to Iwan rose up against their supressors in the White City and Iwan saved all of the Slavs in the greatest civil war of all time.
After the war was over Iwan was crowned by the Pope as Tsar of the Great Empire of Slavia but he also granted the City of Warszawa for their support great autonomy wich is why our empire is called Warszawa i Slavia.
Iwan indoctrinated Panslavism into our empire and banned all of the other "religions" except Catholic Christianity and the old Slavic faith.
Our first emperor was welcomed by the Gods into heaven on the 22.04.1530 on that day the Gods crowned our new Emperor "Kacper" and a great tomb was built in honor of Iwan.
Since then the lineage of Iwan our first and greatest emperor ruled over our empire.
Politics Description:The Emperor decides everything as he and his lineage are our God-given protectors and rulers.
The Emperor has a small council too wich can advise him on certain decisions.

Policies Description: Has high esteemed admirality, generality and aristocracy. A powerful navy and good soldiers. Tries to expand its borders to the non inhabitat parts of the north. Warszawa I Slavia prootes Panslavism and nationalism and is eager to cooperate with the Vanguard Reich. It sees other races as inferior but still is interested in trade and cooperation.

Current Conflicts (if any): None

Main Exports: Gold and Gas

Natural Resources: Natural gas, coal, petrol, gold and several other metals (Iron, aluminzm etc.)
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 4
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Warszawa I Slavia is accepted into the RP Community.

Your population is 7.4 million.
Your GDP per capita is 15,900.
Your population growth rate is 5%.
Your GDP growth rate is 3.5%.

You may access more detailed statistics at and also adjust your budget there.