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Reply #75 on: October 31, 2019, 10:45:41 am
Nation Name: Timevum
Type of Government: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Estimated Population: 2 Billion
History Description: The Capitalist Paradise Of Timevum was A Vumtimeian Colony in the early 1800s but Timevum had broke free of the shackles of the Vumtimians. The Timevumians announced the Declaration Of Independence on January 6th, 1831, on the Vumtimian King's Birthday and announced the Declaration.
Politics Description: Timevum is a constitutional Monarchy
Policies Description: Timevum is Pro-Military, Pro-Gun Laws, and Prostitution, Gambling as long if you are willing to give the Government a cut. If you Murder, Assault, Robbery, or do anything that require something being taken by force like kidnapping, you go to prison.
Current Conflicts (if any): (None)
Main Exports: Iron, Steel, Rubber, Electronic Devices.
Natural Resources: Iron, OIL,
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 27

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Reply #76 on: November 09, 2019, 05:33:44 pm
Nation Name: The Holy Empire of Jam Lung
Type of Government: Democracy
Estimated Population: 17 Million
History Description: We stole this land to Honor our Fat Cat leader Jam Lung, he is considered sacred and immortal, as he has existed since 1700 A.D.
Politics Description: Only one political party, which is also religious: Fat Catians
Policies Description: The government has made hate entirely illegal. Many people are beginning to rise up against the government due to this, but the government is just imprisoning anyone apposed.
Current Conflicts (if any): None
Main Exports: Rice , wheat
Natural Resources: Coal
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 12

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Reply #77 on: November 11, 2019, 12:31:16 pm
Nation Name: Leukorossiya

Type of Government: Royally-Approved Military Dictatorship

Estimated Population: 45,000,000

History Description: A previous Union now in the form of a complete and fully assimilated nation.

Politics Description: Stable unitary state with conservative aspects.

Policies Description: Economic cooperation and sustenance of the status quo.

Current Conflicts (if any): None

Natural Resources: Grain, Bauxite

Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 5

Starting map Claim: 10

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Reply #78 on: November 17, 2019, 04:06:06 pm
Map place: Above Renegalle
Nation Name: Thornaz
Government: Democracy
Population: 100 million
History: Was created around 1800 bc. First race to discover electricity. Thought they were the only people in the world. Used to be a dictatorship but then was overthrown in 416, then changed to democracy. Was founded in 1965 by a USSR cargo ship. Said to be 5 years more advanced than any other country.
Politics: Only has a president and it’s advisors which are elected every 5 years.
Policies: Is illegal to own a firearm unless you have a license, part of a law enforcement, part of a security detail, and used to be or is in the military. Firearm license is 2 million dollars in US currency.
Exports: Copper, oil, Titanium.
Natural Resources: Oil, gold, steel, and clay.
Conflicts: None.
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Reply #79 on: November 20, 2019, 11:00:15 pm
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