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Reply #60 on: June 09, 2019, 12:49:36 AM
Both applications are denied as neither have spots on the map.

Union of Saxony

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Reply #61 on: June 09, 2019, 01:34:24 AM
Nation Name: Union of Saxony
Type of Government: Constitutional Democracy
Estimated Population: 1.542 billion
History Description: The Union of Saxony has a long history, a nation that had gained its independence from Democratic Socialist Saxony (DSS) and continued to grow and prosper with a different way of handling its economy. A civil war that lasted only a year was not a bloody war, however, it was through the acquisition of land and unity of its people that the Union of Saxony was even able to form. With many famed rich wealthy people who believed in capitalism over socialism, one of the main driving forces for the division that quickly turned into a legal war. The Democratic Socialist Saxonian government to this day still lays claim to the Union of Saxony. However, the Union forever united against big government and focused on the private industry has continued to grow and prosper in peace without being under the control or influence of the DSS.
Politics Description: The Union believes in a President which has a legislative body and judicial branch
Policies Description: The Union believes in conscription, capitalism, and people may legally purchase cannabis
Current Conflicts (if any): Democratic Socialist Saxony still lays claim to the Union of Saxony
Main Exports: Weapons, Food, and Medicine
Natural Resources: Rich lush forest, with Mountains of Gold, Iron, and Uranium
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 65


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Reply #62 on: June 12, 2019, 02:14:14 PM
Nation Name: The Armed Republic of Sumeka
Type of Government: Democracy (Psychotic Dictatorship)
Estimated Population: 23 Million
History Description: Following a period of inefficient decentralized power, a nationalist named Ilyin Afanasiy started a civil war against the standing government, viciously executing captured prisoners of war and shooting "spies" on the spot. Thousands died in the war, leaving behind a broken nation left in rubble. Afanasiy rebuilt the nation from the ground up, rebuilding it in his image; a strong and proud autocratic land. The people of his country have been filled with propaganda, and he is revered as a living god.
Politics Description: Afanasiy is the politics here. His word is law. There are no political parties; they are tools of weak countries to him.
Policies Description: An autocracy, which has outlawed the internet, gambling, and alcohol. The nation mandates the use of the metric system. In addition, there is conscription, compulsory organ harvesting, and capital punishment. Students are required to sing the "Afanasiy Pledge" before school.
Current Conflicts (if any): None
Main Exports: Steel, Textiles, and Weapons
Natural Resources: Iron, Wood, Coal, Small oil reserves
Number of Cities over 100,000 people: 3
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