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Prime Minister's Address on Administration's Goals

Sir Salibaic

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on: November 22, 2020, 10:32:51 am
On behalf of His Imperial Majesty's Government of Emperor Renegalle. I hereby introduce my goals for this term.

My Government shall support the creation of a Citizen Advise Council to bring forward more methods of direct democracy.

My administration shall impose significant reform of the civil service to provide a cleaner system that works for all.

My administration shall aim to enshrine into law a pro-defender policy and to criminalise the use of raiding under the force banner.

My administration shall lobby the house to establish the right to participate in free and fair elections, referdeums, and to vote on constatituonal ammendments.

My administration will work to introduce weekly press briefings to provide greater transparency between the government and the people

My administration shall work to support electoral reform and expanding to the voter turnout in federal elections.

This is my governments agenda this term, we shall work to establish these measures over the coming months. I thank you for reading.