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on: January 08, 2021, 09:36:47 pm
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[b]Dear %NATION%,[/b]

I am His Imperial Highness [b][nation=noflag]Renegalle[/nation][/b], Founder and Emperor of the most extraordinary region, [b][region=Force][/b]!

First off, I know your mailbox is overwhelmed with other nations advising you to join their regions. If you find these bothersome, just [url=][b]head here[/b][/url] and determine which categories you would like to block.

[u][b]Roleplay, Clubs, and Community[/b][/u]
[spoiler=[i]Our Roleplay[/i]]
The roleplay system evolved from a rag-tag group of people interacting as leaders,
to a more realistic system where a program runs stats and nations can fight for
resources and land on a complex map created over several months by the RP

The roleplay has undergone many changes, but now has a larger amount
of space to accommodate new players and rules so that older nations are not
overpowered, allowing newcomers to join at any time.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=[i]Our Clubs[/i]]
When people in Force are not RPing, they are active in the numerous clubs Force
has to offer. Any citizen can create a club. Force has activity-based clubs, like the
Chess Club, where members organize chess tournaments, an Anime Club, where
members discuss and watch episodes of their favourite shows, and clubs which
discuss social issues, such as the Force Autistic Club and the Gay Agenda.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=[i]Events and Community[/i]]
We host many fun events in Force, like Among Us games, Roblox tournaments,
Krunker matches, movie-showings, and much more.

When we're not holding these events, we're often sitting in a voice-chat talking
or having a heated debate in #irl-politics. The greatest thing about Force is its
community, which is active, fun, and understanding.[/spoiler]

[u][b]The Union and its Government[/b][/u]
[spoiler=[i]The Union[/i]]
Force is the capital of the Union, a federation of regions who share a common
government and community. Each region has their own government, allowing residents
to seek leadership positions there before seeking them at a federal level.[/spoiler]
In Force, it is easy to partake in government through the civil service, where you can
use your skills to improve the region.

Jobs are always available in our many Ministries, from Media and Culture, where you
can help write our official newspaper or plan events, to Foreign Affairs, where you can
serve as an Ambassador to one of the many regions we have relations with.

You can also run for elected office in general, midterm, and territorial elections! Anyone
can make a career here - why not you?[/spoiler]

Any more questions? [url=/page=compose_telegram?tgto=Renegalle][b]Send me a telegram[/b][/url], [url=/page=dispatch/id=1348826][b]contact one of our ministers[/b][/url], or [b]look at our Welcome Dispatch[/b]. We'll be happy to help!

[b]So what are you waiting for? Come on in! Just click 'Move to Force' to join.[/b]
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