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on: January 12, 2021, 12:18:23 pm
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[b]Great nations of Force,[/b]

In order to increase the influence of our region on the world stage and enhance its security, I would like to ask a special favor of you:

[u][i]Join the World Assembly![/i][/u]

The World Assembly has many benefits to offer you, including the ability to endorse others and gain the position of World Assembly Delegate, the ability to submit and vote on resolutions brought to the General Assembly or Security Council, and the ability to seamlessly take part in our military, should we choose to form one.

Joining is simple; just follow these steps:
[list=1][*]Ensure you have set a valid email in [url=]settings[/url]
[*]Go to [url=]the World Assembly page[/url] and click on the join button
[*]Check your inbox, for whichever email you put in Step 1 and check for an email from NationStates. If it is not in your inbox, make sure to check your junk or spam mail
[*]Click on the verification link in that email and you'll be brought to a page to confirm your joining of the WA. Click on the button to join
...and that's it! You're in. Once you've joined, make sure [b]not[/b] to join the World Assembly with another nation. It goes against game rules and [b]you will[/b] be caught.


We'd also like to ask a favor of you; that you endorse our World Assembly Delegate. The current WAD is [nation]New Legland[/nation].
More endorsements give our region more power on the world stage, so we ask that you do this if you want to see that come to fruition.

Here's how to endorse them:
[list=1][*]Go to [url=/nation=New Legland#composebutton]their nation page[/url]
[*]Click [b]'Endorse New Legland'[/b]
That's it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this telegram and helping out our region. Your efforts will not be in vain.

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