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on: January 12, 2021, 05:50:23 pm
To try to remedy the issue of people not wanting to participate in events, I conducted a survey to see what the people in Force want in an event. We have gotten some pretty constructive responses. From those responses, I have constructed an Events Schedule containing planned events and important information about those events to be planned far in advance. Discussions for these events pertaining to the scheduling and hosting of them will be happening. We will start with Movie Night on Friday night. Discussion for that will begin shortly. I have also made the link to the schedule avaliable to all members of the Culture side of the ministry so that they can edit the document as they so wish.

We finally found an editor of the Force Flyer... and then lost them. Nevertheless wrote December's Force Flyer and kinda bailed. We are still looking for an editor for the monthly Force Flyer, which summarizes events and happenings in Force. If anyone is interested in that, please apply for the Culture and Media ministry. We are also looking into reviving the Union Weekly Recap, basically a smaller, weekly version of the Force Flyer. If anyone is interested in that, please also apply for the Culture and Media Ministry.