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TRR Update XXV

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on: February 10, 2019, 10:45:02 pm

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WA Delegate: Frattastan
| Culture Officer: Deadeye Jack | Foreign Affairs Officer: Catalyse|
| Outreach Officer: Kyorgia | Media Officer : Marilyn Manson Freaks
Speaker of the Assembly: Altmoras

And the new Vice Delegate is...

While the most recent debate about the Vice Delegacy goes back to October, when the discussion was restarted by Frattastan, then still recently elected Delegate, the debate on the role the Vice Delegate should have in The Rejected Realms, how they should be chosen and wether the Vice Delegate should become a formal position, by being legislated, had been a topic of discussion during most of the year of 2018. During February of 2018, then Delegate Catalyse introduced a constitutional amendment into the assembly for consideration, though it never received quite the same attention than the most recently introduced, voted and passed constitutional amendment on the issue.

The topic was brought again into the limelight during Zaolat's delegacy, with the appointment of Marilyn Manson Freaks as Vice Delegate, the first time a new Vice Delegate had been appointed in several years but not the first time that there'd be two Vice Delegates, though with the announcement that the long serving Zyonn, who had been Vice Delegate since 2011, would be resigning the co-existence of two Vice Delegates would be cut short. The position was embroiled in controversy during the election season in late September and early October, with Manson being dismissed, replaced with the Church of Satan and then reappointed, leading again, to there being two Vice Delegates.

With the discussion starting in the Assembly several ideas were brought up. How should the Vice Delegate be selected? Some argued for an election, others appointment or selection by the Citizenship Council, or a mix of these. And should the possibility of two or more Vice Delegates remain open? Others still wondered why it was worth discussing this when it was unnecessary and the current formula for regional security had worked. An initial proposal to have the Delegate appoint one, or more, candidates to be elected by the Assembly, to serve as Vice Delegate, one or several, was defeated but a second proposal to have the Citizenship Council select the Vice Delegate passed through the Assembly.

The then still Vice Delegates Marilyn Manson Freaks and the Church of Satan were dismissed upon the passage of the constitutional amendment, and so far little information has come from the shadowy halls of the Citizenship Council. Citizens place their bids on the most likely candidate to be selected by the Citizenship Council, though some have placed their bid on there being no Vice Delegate at all. So, for now, we wait until we hear the words "And the new Vice Delegate is..."

The uneventful election event

A call-back from when Assembly debate and elections seemed to be more lively.

Elections, the ever present topic in foreign updates. December and January were election months for The Rejected Realms, but really, which month isn't election month in The Rejected Realms? Maybe February, or is it May? I'm not sure.

In late November, just a few weeks from the scheduled December elections, Officer Margiboof's resignation prompted Marilyn Manson Freaks to run for election, even if popular opinion seemed to be against having elections so close to the end of the term. Marilyn Manson Freaks was joined by John Laurens and Crazy Girl in these early elections, and Crazy Girl, the candidate that promised to act as if the election several would have wanted to avoid would have not happened at all, was the acclaimed victor.

December saw the election of four new, though not so new, Officers, with none of the elected in August, or from August until December, having chosen, or being able, to run, and also being the first general election under Frattastan. The only candidate from the most recent election to run again was Marilyn Manson Freaks, and none of the outgoing Officers chose to run again, and although it was not an highly contested election there were still several good candidates: Kyorgia, Catalyse, Vulturret and Deadeye Jack. The election ended in a tie between Kyorgia and Vulturret for the fourth officer seat, with the four officers eventually being revealed to be Deadeye Jack, Catalyse, Marilyn Manson Freaks and Kyorgia.

Then January came, and the Speaker elections came with it. Incumbent Vulturret faced returning citizen Altmoras, who after a long absence from The Rejected Realms chose to make his unannounced return. This election, much like the elections the month before, was poised to be pretty uneventful, though joke allegations about a TGW plot to take over The Rejected Realms, prompted by Deadeye Jack's recent election and Altmoras's candidacy, and Vulturret's reply to those allegations brought some controversy to the election. In the end, despite a successful term as Speaker, Vulturret had a cold reception in the elections and Altmoras succeeded him as Speaker.

More games, more events, more Deadeye Jack

While the December campaign was uneventful Deadeye Jack's first foray into office in The Rejected Realms was warmly received, being the preferred candidate in the elections and with his campaign, centring on new and more activities and activity for the role that he was eventually assigned, Culture, being well liked, though his campaign was not without ideas for other departments.

As Culture Officer Deadeye Jack has brought new events and renewed interest in participating in them. While regular events like avatar contests on the forum and the ever present werewolf games, be they held on discord or on the forums for Rejectmas or other festive occasions, have been joined by other events. Rejectvision was followed by a music pop quiz held, while "spyfall" has joined the vocabulary of The Rejected Realms event goer, accompanying Werewolf in 2018's Rejectmas festivities. Sadly intellectual pursuits such as reading and thinking have failed to take root in the region and the regional reading club was forced to declare bankruptcy after Harmoneia abandoned the Culture office.

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This was a pleasant read. Thank you!