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Foreign Update XXXIII

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on: February 23, 2021, 05:43:04 am

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WA Delegate: Jamie
| Officer of Culture: Nakari | Officer of Foreign Affairs: Glacikaldr |
| Officer of Outreach: Agalaesia | Officer of World Assembly: Robespierre |
Speaker of the Assembly: Dyl

TRR Government Unrocks the Boat
By Glacikaldr

Delegate Jamie sharing their family's experience the following morning.

Following the December 2020 Officer elections, former Delegate Sarah introduced the Officer Without Portfolio position in place of the Officer of Outreach to appease Officer Robespierre who had no interest in Outreach, assuming Outreach duties herself.

However, this changed upon the election of Delegate Jamie on January 25, 2021. The former Officer Without Portfolio, Officer Robespierre, was now happy to take the Delegate's prior role, Officer of World Assembly. Agalaesia was later elected uncontested for the vacant position of Officer of Outreach.

Hence, the Rejected Realms' (TRR) is now enjoying a return to normalcy: where the Delegate may proceed with their duties unhampered by overseeing the Department of Outreach, which is now led by a dedicated Officer of Outreach instead, and the Officer Without Portfolio role remains no more. But were these both the right decisions?

Hypothetically, having a delegate also act as the Officer of Outreach can increase a delegate's emotional attachment to and personal stake in the successful integration of the gameside community into the citizenry. As for the Officer Without Portfolio role, it presented an unprecedented opportunity. The Officer Without Portfolio enjoyed the freedom of not having an established department to oversee, allowing for creativity to flourish.

Delegate Jamie, justifying this unrocking of the boat, explained: "Listen, it's late. To be frank, I simply made that decision because the currently elected Officers' interests lay in the more traditional Officer roles. I didn't forcefully get rid of the Officer Without Portfolio position! Can you please just leave me and my family alone now?! Hey, stop throwing rocks through our windows!"

In future, there may be an Officer candidate who stands with a first preference for Officer Without Portfolio. It remains to be seen whether the region will be able to reap much reward from such a role in action for a full term.

Meet the Partnership for Sovereignty
By Glacikaldr

The Partnership's logo, which invokes shields
forming a quasi-testudo, utilising the
color psychology of blue.

On January 26, 2021, the Partnership for Sovereignty was announced in a dedicated NationStates Gameplay subforum thread alongside its Charter.

The Partnership for Sovereignty is a Security Council voting bloc created to defend the values of self-determination, positive community, and respect for the World Assembly (WA) and its processes. Its member regions agree to collaborate to set voting recommendations in line with the principles of the Partnership and to coordinate campaigns on relevant proposals.

The Partnership's current member regions include 10000 Islands, The South Pacific, The Union of Democratic States, The Free Nations Region, Spiritus, and us, TRR.

Importantly, member regions are not required to have their WA Delegates vote according to the recommendations. As we attempt to ensure member regions generally share similar values, this was considered unnecessary. Instead, the real value of this voting bloc for its founding member regions comes from having access to the necessary infrastructure to run larger and more impactful WA campaigns.

If your region is interested in joining the Partnership for Sovereignty or wishes to explore possible collaborations, please flag this with WA Delegates from the current member regions.

Cards, Cards, Cards! Cards Everywhere!
By Jamie

TRR officially launched its card scheme on November 13, 2020. This scheme, The Discarded Card League, seeks to both complement and encourage the growth of the card community beginning to form in TRR. The scheme, open to all resident nations, relies on voluntary donations that, in turn, fund awards and competitions. However, as the scheme's founder, I also regularly 'farm' cards to keep the deck of our card nation stocked with a desirable selection of legendaries.

This scheme was created with a number of different purposes in mind, from adding to our festivals and foreign affairs' events to encouraging the development of TRR card collecting to the point of it becoming a new cultural activity in its own right. Although the NationStates cards community is already wide and varied, I intend to help TRR emerge as a major player.

We are now planning our first solo pull event, which will be of either Season 1 Crazy Girl or Season 2 Frisbeeteria. This has been inspired by the success we enjoyed co-hosting a pull event with 10000 Islands and The South Pacific as part of the Partnership for Sovereignty's launch.

But why am I doing all this? Well, see, my own experience with cards has been one of positive self discovery. I began as a casual trader who just bought cards of friends as well as some legendaries that I came across from time to time. I later became a serious card player towards the end of last year. The current collections I’m working on include collecting Season 2 legendary cards and completing a ‘The Rejected Realms’ card collection. Working towards complete collections is a fun and fulfilling experience that I encourage anyone with an interest in cards to look into. Start off by pursuing a collection near and dear to your heart!

In other news:
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Reply #1 on: February 23, 2021, 11:28:27 am
Thank you for the Update!