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on: October 14, 2018, 07:19:15 pm
There are no rules or regulations for this party. If you wanna sit back and relax, talk about the arts or just wanna be the most neutral nation in Force who sits and eats the popcorn while other nations are fighting against each other, then this is the place for you! Here we discuss what really makes the region of Force so complex and beautiful. This is also the place where you could possibly write the national anthem for Force or the religion or even prepare the best food and wine festival in the region! This party is also recommended for those who are very creative and open-minded in their field such as literacy, the arts or debating. Our mission is to make Force stand out like a shining star in NationStates. And the most important factor, this is the most neutral party in Force so if you don't like wars, then this is the party to join, not that dead Pacifist Party. I hope this party will grow into a great community of talented politicians of Force. I can't wait for the potential in the future!